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  1. If you look at this picture you can see the two jerseys they unveiled. If you notice on the top right, you can see another jersey that looks like it has the bucks head logo on the front, unless I am seeing otherwise. My theory is that this is the third jersey. I would have considered the 5 jerseys in the middle. but that top right one matches the template design they/adidas used for the Home/Away preview
  2. They have been selling that design for at least 3 years at the Giants dugout stores
  3. i have decided to give a new look to the NBA, starting with fictional Christmas sets My thoughts behind these fictional Christmas sets are bringing the past and present and combining them. Yes the have sleeves, but I like the sleeves Cleveland Cavaliers
  4. Although I am a Giants fan, I couldnt agree more. Rough edit: didnt do the 9 stars on the bottom, but if you count there is ten in there. also the ten years font isnt exact either
  5. oh haha i thought you were referring to this video it's on the same channel
  6. Ughhhh, I hope that's fake. That would look so good without the freaking sleeves! The powder blue jersey from that Nets video wasn't sleeved, though, so we'll see I guess.Those are the Knicks in the Nets video
  7. saw this picture on Operation Sports Are the Warriors going all sleeved?
  8. Found this picture looking through the interwebs
  9. I believe this is how it might be on all jerseys. only from regarding this photo on the NBA store EDIT: also i found these photos from a video posted last year about the creation of the Brooklyn Nets jersey Notice some interesting jerseys?
  10. I like everything about the Spurs new alt, except the spur on the front. Would look better with "SPURS" I personally like the design of the uniform, and i feel like San Antonio should change there design to match these. I also feel the same way with the MAVS and there alternate I think CAVS alt would look better if the collar and trim used white instead of the gold