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  1. I just bought a GWU hat from Lids and when I looked up the logo online, I've noticed that the logo on the hat is basically non-existant anywhere else. Here's what I mean: compare to this In the more common logo, the G and W are seperate, but on the hat the letters are conjoined along the middle. Is this a mistake by the hat company, or does GWU just have two similar GW logos?
  2. markar14

    Cap Rule?

    In a case of a minor league team (you're on the Lowell Spinners site, so I'll assume), they may just want it as a control thing. In high school, around here at least, it's not allowed at all on or off the field, and may be interpreted as a gang symbol (but there's no gangs at my school). I don't know how true that is based on my circumstances, or yours, but it's most likely so that MiLB players look respectable.
  3. thanks for the help- turns out I found a free trial for Mpeg4Direct on, and the .AVI conversion didn't lose too much qualtity. I'm still up for anyone with real software to do a conversion--For only a minute-long clip and a rare chance of needing to convert again, I don't need to buy software if neccesary. PM if possible. thanks
  4. at least those look better than those pinstriped white hats teams have tried... an orange cap would have been obnoxiously better.
  5. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, but it seems that most of the computer program knowledge seems to be in General Design. That said, I made a minute long video in Windows Movie Maker to be added to the back of a professionally-made montage for a relative's birthday, and the woman making the montage uses Final Cut on her Mac, which can't convert the .WMV ending. Both of us were wondering... is there any way to conveniently convert the movie to a .MOV file? Or also, if there isn't freeware or a trial version of software to do so, can someone use software they have to convert my clip? If so, please IM me ASAP. As always, thanks in advance for the help. MarKar14
  6. this is what I see: but I guess if they want to make shows about whiny rich teenagers then they went the right direction...
  7. the Trib may not even own them by that point... rumor on the streets is they may want to sell. After this month's occurence, I wouldn't want to pay them either. Maybe Mark Cuban will swoop in, get the team some shiny new uniforms, and then they might make the playoffs. I can hope, can't I????
  8. My friend's uncle's name is Tim McGraw. He's earned a few bucks in his time making bets that his uncle is Tim McGraw, just the wrong one.
  9. it's not that far... I live in Vernon Hills about 35 miles North of the city; and Hoffman Estates is near O'hare ans Shaumburg. Hoffman Estates is not on the outskirts of Chicagoland. and that logo sucks (or shall I say, suX) ass.
  10. I don't know what malls you're shopping at, but in my suburbs the Lids do just fine... I think that a successful NE store may encourage other hat makers (Zephyr etc.) to follow suit, thus bringing an end to Lids. But at this point, I don't see a store as a big deal. Maybe they'll open on Michigan Ave. on the Mag Mile here; that'd be nice.
  11. not quite--the stadium is in the proccess (done?) of switching those blue seats with the Old-Comiskey-esque Forest Green seats.
  12. ummm, isn't "hanging out" the reason people go to Vegas? To gamble, shop, go to shows, to see and be seen? Vegas has established itself as a place to go to spend money and then spend more money. I'd bet that there wouldn't even be a noticable difference in the craziness in town, other than a bit more ESPN attention other than poker. Las Vegas is unlike any other cities in the country in terms of tourism and entertainment, a big sports game should fit in just fine. showgirls at an NBA event??
  13. if by "breaking out" you mean premiering them, they've been out all season. That said, they're alts, and they haven't ditched the whole powder-blue thing they have going on...
  14. The Cubs don't ever advertise, so they don't need a motto, but for the past few years, the Sox have used "Win. Or die trying."
  15. edit: never mind, I just sound dumb.... sorry
  16. Regardless of how they look, UIC's hypothetical team would still put the beat-down on 'em... And now I walk out quietly in shame. Nice Work
  17. I've never seen this Marlins logo before-- it it a new alt, or a concept? I like the addition of orange.
  18. Wow. I guess my subliminal mind is working well... It was just intended to be a N and a S for North Shore, in the shape of a football... it looks better without the brown. Here's what I've done for now...
  19. yeah, the moniker was intentional, but it may be changing-- I'll still use the NS alt logo if I choose to leave my team in the same area, but the whole Snobs thing is, the more I think of it, a blow a bit too low that I don't wan't to make for North Shorers on this board (I don't know if there are any, but just in case). The last thing I want to do is start making enemies after a year and a half on the board (exact on Thursday).
  20. should I use this one? It seems to be a bit less crowded to me:
  21. Hey guys, After a great year and a half of enjoyable participation on this board, I am finally posting my first concept in conjunction with the new fantasy football league being arranged. My team is the North Shore Snobs (referring to the Affluent Suburbs north of Chicago). My colors are green and black, and my main logo was intended to look like a dollar bill-- it doesn't really, but I still think it works. I also created an alternate logo which may just work as a main logo after a few adjustments. Now, I did this in MS paint, and I only spent about an hour doing each logo, so there should be plenty to improve upon-- now it's your turn to tell me what to change. Be nice.....
  22. I totally agree with you guys that this uni is not pleasing to the eye, regardless of team affiliation; I just thought it was kinda cool to see, and it was cheap (probably b/c of the previously stated reasons), so I bought it. and it was only about 30-40 minutes there-- In case there were other goodies to find.
  23. For once, wasting an hour journeying through the depths of my local TJ Maxx store paid off. I usually go in there, say "All this stuff is crap" (it is), and leave; but today I stumbled upon this--feast/cover your eyes: Cool, huh? I remember way back when a red jersey was speculated to appear on the field, but never have I seen one in any stores or on anybody. So regardless of my opinion aesthetically, I had to buy it. Sure, it happens to be missing 3 buttons at the top, but when the tag says $60 US and all I pay is $16 US, I can go to the store and buy 2 red buttons. (In fact, I went to the fabric store, I got 6 buttons for $0.90... can't complain. What do you guys think of it? Like? Dislike? Discuss.
  24. I'm getting license plate covers from a family friend in the Illinois State Police Force-- my grandparents have them on their cars... maybe Police covers'll get me out of certain situations (not that I'll get into any, I follow the law). I need a license first.