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  1. I've just upgraded to CS4. Pretty impossible to upgrade to CS5 for my til I upgrade my G5 to an intel mac. Anyway my bro has had CS5 for ages (he is Co-Owner/Art Director at Imagine Publishing) and he said not to bother upgrading the whole suite, that the only really cool upgrades are to Photoshop and InDesign.
  2. that Barcelona goalkeepers top has to be one of the most gorgeous tops I've ever seen. Amazing!!
  3. I'm sure I've seen that Chelsea keeper kit before, especially with Cech wearing his protective hat. But where? hmmm.....
  4. I believe that this is the template for Arsenals home kit next season. It'll probably be the same for Aston Villa, who generally have the same template as Arsenal (apols for quality, taken with rubbish camera phone)
  5. I'm a season ticket holder at Aston Villa and we've changed from paper tickets which you tear off each home game to a card that looks like a credit card and you use it every home game by swiping it at the turnstile gate. Many thanks to everyone for your help. I'll post my designs up once they're done for you all to look at. Once again thanks everyone, Stew
  6. Not sure where to post this so if this is the wrong place forgive me MODS- I'm in the process of applying for a design role advertised with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and, the application involves designing 2 pieces of Buccaneer-related items. As I'm blighty based (though a girl I know lives in Lakeland so this'd be great job if it came off!) I was wondering if any of you America-based chaps/ladies knew the following- 1. Season tickets. Do all NFL, specifically the Buccaneers use the electronic credit card style season ticket or the traditional paper ticket format? 2. Schedule Card. What is one, apart from the fact that it's the fixtures I presume? and what is the usual format? 3. Media Guide Cover. Would this be something like a TV Guide cover or something specific to thats sent out to media outlets. I've got the logo and font, but anyone know where I can get good quality imagery from? Specifically Buccaneers? I'm normally good at picture sourcing darn it! Much thanks in advance, Stew
  7. Get to work on your Villa kits Brians! I must say as a fellow designer your interpretations are superb. I'm guessing you use Illustrator CS2/3?!? For you non-Villa fans we genuinely have the General, a board member and ex-chief of staff at the White House and head of the marine corps posting on many Villa fans forums!! THe club has changed so much since Randy took over. We fans have a voice, can get our questions to the board direct, and though they may not take our ideas on board we certainly have welcomed these 'yanks' with open arms. The Holte Hotel which was left to ruin is simply gorgeous now and back to it's former self, the training ground has been updated to state-of-the-art status, and we have MON. Yes some signings have made people question things, but MON has a reputation for making curious signings, but he knows his stuff and we also have Bob Kain as a board member, who is/was the CEO of IMG and their client list in sports management, advertising and such is a list of whos who. Man U, the Olympics, Most golf and tennis players, Real Madrid for example are ALL clients. So we have a board who know their stuff and the Nike deal is in no small way down to Kain's previous dealings with Nike. And Nike have done us proud!
  8. New Aston Villa home, away and keepers kits- Gareth Barry in the home kit Ashley Young in the away kit Ashley Young, Olof Mellberg, Gareth Barry, Thomas Sorensen To quote club director General Charles C. Krulak on I am glad everyone likes the kits. To be very honest, the individual that made the color selection and drew the basic design was your friend and mine, Randy Lerner. He met with Nike early on and showed them a series of kits worn over the years and sketched out what he was thinking. Nike came back with multiple options and Randy and MON made the final call. Those are the facts.
  9. Definitely fakes. Just look at the Manure badges, obvious photoshop work. There's no way a company logo that has such an iconic look would be messed about with in the away and 3rd kits. Hasn't anyone got any leaks of the new Villa kit yet?