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  1. I'm okay with it. Plus they need to change the podium from that wood to something of a school color.
  2. Last thing I will post about WVU. A friend brought to my attention that another color "Anthracite" was included in the color palette for WVU moving forward. The black has been removed from the shoulders. The also stated that there will be another helmet option. Rumblings inside the program says there will be an all black/Anthracite uniform at some point even to the point of doing what Arkansas did a few years ago.
  3. It still makes no sense that the ACC didn't bring in WVU and pissed around for a while and then brought Pitt, Cuse, and UL in. I think the ACC was pushing hard to get good bball schools in and at the time Pitt and Syracuse were really good fits. Fast Forward, Pitt's athletic profile is just horrid all around. Cuse is maintaining in bball and is just now getting back to the glory years in football. UL always good in basketball and has had recent success in football but is rebuilding. Say what you want but WVU has been a better overall athletic University than the above mentioned. Up until this year they have been consistent in basketball and football, better in other sports to. I still think the ACC from a football perspective was scared to bring in WVU back then. That was the Rich Rod era with Pat White and company, then Holgerson with Tavon Austin. Those WVU teams would of gave ACC teams hell because Clemson was not elite like it was back then and Miami and FSU were not at the top as usual.
  4. And to think if the ACC would of let WVU in years ago they would have had a natural rival game to end the year instead of Miami and Pitt playing to end the season. Just saying.
  5. These are the official press release pics that I think people couldn't see yesterday.
  6. I feel ya. Was expecting more but better than what we had IMO.
  7. Dont post here really, more of an observer but a WVU alum and fan. Very excited and its long over due. I thought though the athletic department might get a re branding. A few weeks ago when a post was made on the WVU Football social media accounts of a picture at NIke HQ, the same pic was posted on the WVU Mens basketball media accounts. I think there is more to it than just football for WVU athletics.
  8. What infuriates me is that the average college football fan knows it, wvu alum and fans know it. Rich Rod added those dreadful batwings when he took over for Nehlen. Then a year after Holgs took over they release our current sets. I just dont understand how other schools like pump out new unis and alternates yearly but WVU does nothing. Is it the school or Nike that wants no part of us. Also way back in the 50-60's WVU actually used true old gold as a color. Something like in between what Pitt uses now and Notre Dame/Colorado. The helmet below is an old helmet. I wish they would use that gold color and blue. I just wish we would have a refresh. Its sad our school and sports department people think they look great and they dont.
  9. Made this post on twitter. Something needs to change with WVU.
  10. WVU for this Fridays Armed Forces Classic against Texas A&M in Germany. A&M has not revealed their set yet.
  11. The black is unneeded and I wish they would let them get alternates. WVU is becoming bland and needs an entire refresh.
  12. I really dont know why Nike cant do WVU right. Our colors are old gold and blue. Actually WVU back in the 60-70's era helmets actually looked more gold like Pitt and Colorado which I like! The older unis from the Nehlen era I prefer but without a doubt my favorite uniform is when Nike did the Pro Combats years ago. I still feel aside from Oregon, WVU looked the best. I would use it as a regular uniform. Its been 5 years with these current ones. I truly hope Nike does a refresh soon. I'm tired of seeing crap schools like Rutgers and others get alternates and refreshes each year. WVU might not be a blue blood but the flying WV brand is very recognizable. Hell maybe someone from WVU's side can put a word in to Rob Mullens the athletic director at Oregon who is a West Virginia native. Maybe he has some pull with Phil Knight.
  13. Thoughts on WVU and TCU? I like the gold white gold combo but just wish the uni could be adjusted on the collar.
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