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  1. What infuriates me is that the average college football fan knows it, wvu alum and fans know it. Rich Rod added those dreadful batwings when he took over for Nehlen. Then a year after Holgs took over they release our current sets. I just dont understand how other schools like pump out new unis and alternates yearly but WVU does nothing. Is it the school or Nike that wants no part of us. Also way back in the 50-60's WVU actually used true old gold as a color. Something like in between what Pitt uses now and Notre Dame/Colorado. The helmet below is an old helmet. I wish they would use that gold color and blue. I just wish we would have a refresh. Its sad our school and sports department people think they look great and they dont.
  2. Made this post on twitter. Something needs to change with WVU.
  3. WVU for this Fridays Armed Forces Classic against Texas A&M in Germany. A&M has not revealed their set yet.
  4. The black is unneeded and I wish they would let them get alternates. WVU is becoming bland and needs an entire refresh.
  5. I really dont know why Nike cant do WVU right. Our colors are old gold and blue. Actually WVU back in the 60-70's era helmets actually looked more gold like Pitt and Colorado which I like! The older unis from the Nehlen era I prefer but without a doubt my favorite uniform is when Nike did the Pro Combats years ago. I still feel aside from Oregon, WVU looked the best. I would use it as a regular uniform. Its been 5 years with these current ones. I truly hope Nike does a refresh soon. I'm tired of seeing crap schools like Rutgers and others get alternates and refreshes each year. WVU might not be a blue blood but the flying WV brand is very recognizable. Hell maybe someone from WVU's side can put a word in to Rob Mullens the athletic director at Oregon who is a West Virginia native. Maybe he has some pull with Phil Knight.
  6. Thoughts on WVU and TCU? I like the gold white gold combo but just wish the uni could be adjusted on the collar.
  7. I dont post here much but I'm a WVU alum and fan. They will be wearing white lids, blue jersey, blue pants this weekend. I was okay the first season of the new unis but then I noticed they were not that good. For the life of me I dont know why WVU does not get updated uniforms and even have alternates. Its like we are living in the past while every other school (some horrible, others good) are constantly getting uni refreshes. WVU might not be a blue blood school but the flying WV logo is widely recognizable. If not Nike, I hope someone will outfit my Alma mater better.
  8. Vandy lids for this Saturday against Kansas State.
  9. WVU is wearing the same combo it wore last time in Austin.
  10. The number font is horrible. After Luck left to go work for the NCAA, Shane Lyons came in. Maybe he doesn't want a change. I'm guessing unless we finish 1st or 2nd in the Big XII this year, Dana might be gone which I hate cause I like him but he keeps missing on our QB's. He gets jucos and transfers. I hope he is our HC next year cause we will be returning pretty much all of our starters and Will Grier from Florida has been on campus and will be our QB next year. Lyons came to West Virginia after spending three years as the deputy director of athletics and chief operating officer at Alabama where he worked closely on day-to-day strategic leadership and direction with Alabama athletic directors – the late Mal Moore and current Athletic Director Bill Battle.
  11. I have been praying for a re-brand for my Mountaineers for a while. Keep the flying WV but do it for all of our athletics.
  12. The grey unis we used our first year in the Big XII. Dana had us use them cause grey was in and they used it when he was with Weeden at Oklahoma State(I hated those). The pro Combat were so nice and the best IMO. You might be right about our AD Lyons and Holgs denying it which is stupid. I hope they get a refresh soon. The gold unis are bad with the blue under the arm pit area. We wore then against BYU last week and this week against K State we are wearing gold unis, gold lids and blue pants. and the black they added to our blue unis is not needed. I like what Cal is since we are compared to them. Personally the all white combo which everyone uses is my favorite.
  13. I dont post but mainly view the various topics on the board. I'm a WVU alum and have always wondered how Nike, Adidas, UA decide which schools get alternates. It seems as if everyone is getting new weekly threads on top of what they have. My question is, why is WVU never getting any alternates or anything new. We do have our current uniforms that are about 4 years old with a gold,blue,white helmet and same colors for pants and jerseys. I'm not a big fan of them but I wish Nike would really invest time in doing WVU some justice. I feel like our combinations are just slapped together. the flying WV is a well known symbol. I'm just a frustrated fan that wishes WVU would get some love our way. I'm tired is seeing teams like Rutgers, Oklahoma State and others get blessed with new unis on top of what they already have. Thoughts?