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  1. Sorry, but I have no idea whether these are vectors or not. They are my fantasy hockey team logos. Can you help me out? main logo alternate logo shoulder patch
  2. Thank you for the Kane Tavares Hedman Duchene Schenn! Much appreciated.
  3. I would love separate images for: 91 Tavares (Islanders) 77 Hedman (Lightning) 9 Duchene (Avalanche) 9 Kane (Thrashers) 10 Schenn (Kings)
  4. His inspiration for the moonlight colors was a can of cherry chocolate diet dr. pepper: red, brown and silver. the blue was the closest he had to silver, and the darker red is really a brown. He admits to me that he didn't have a plan or a name when he started the logo, and when it looked like a moon, he thought of the name. Funny.
  5. Thanks for your comments, Shum. Yes, I'm saving these, together with feedback. We talked about his red and green on the cyclones, and i gave him some of the history of the combination in sports.
  6. I used cafepress, but they could not get the colours right. navy and sand turned into black and gold. they were happy to try it again for free, and it came out the same again! They ended up refunding my money without any question, and I kept the shirts which, other than the colors, were good quality, reasonably thick. Cost was about $120 for 10 as I recall.
  7. If he's drawing anything, it's hockey jerseys and logos. If he has a pencil in his hand and he's not drawing or doing homework, he's recording stats from his imaginary hockey leagues he plays in the hallway with a plywood cutout goalie up against the laundry room door. The boy has a one track mind (in the good way). Thanks everyone for your constructive feedback. He has been hesitant to submit anything because he was away from the forum for so long. Your comments have stirred him up again.
  8. Hi Everyone. Well, young artists are unpredictable. The rookie took a short hiatus (okay, 7 months) before he felt the confidence to post any new work. Today's holiday gave him some time to play, and here are his new ideas.
  9. He's settled on a name for an Ann Arbor team. We happen to live on a street with "Arbor" in it, so he had an idea what it might mean. After a couple days of play dates Wednesday and Thursday, I expect he'll be back at his desk putting prismacolor to paper today.
  10. Can you point me to the templates you would suggest? I can't seem to find them. He asked me at bedtime to "ask the real designers if there was a city that needed a team" for him to work on tomorrow.
  11. Great advice, thanks. I love your work in that album. Here I am 40 now, and getting great words of wisdom for dealing with my 7 year old from a 15 year old. Amazing. Thank you. I guess love of art transcends age. Here are my words of advice for you. Believe me, you are very young and its not too late to pursue your art. I wish I had the self-knowledge at your age that you do. It will serve you well.
  12. The Brampton Beavers re-do by spyderback19. It's much harder to get a good picture with the pencils.
  13. Dad here again. We went out yesterday and invested in prismacolor markers and pencil crayons. Does anyone have a suggestion about the kind of paper he should work on? The prismacolor markers tend to spread (bleed?) and so he's preferring the pencils right now. Is there a better way to upload his work than using the camera? I have a scanner, but photobucket doesn't like my pdfs or seems to want photographs. He started work (slowly and carefully) on a re-do of his Brampton Beavers last night, with a new shoulder patch. We'll see if he gets it to publication today. Thank you so much for everyone's generous comments. I have come back a few times and half-expecting to see a not-so-glowing comment from someone somewhere, but you have all been great. I'll have to get the boy his own handle. I know he logs on to something as spyderback19. Maybe that will stick.
  14. Introducing....the Brampton Beavers I think we're off to the store to buy some prismacolors, or at least something that isn't so glittery.
  15. Oh his head is ballooning! You tell him what you want, and he'll put his heart, soul, and gel pens to work.