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  1. The ASU baseball team wore black uniforms and hats with copper accents this year against USC, so the possibility of a copper football helmet isn't really that surprising. ASU Baseball in Black/Copper I'd have to see what they do with the uniforms before I pass judgment on it. That is, if they do decide to use this helmet at some point.
  2. The best set ASU has ever worn. IMO it's one of the worst sets they've ever worn. If I recall, ASU wore the white uniforms with only white pants, never gold. (And I don't think they even had maroon pants with this set). I always hated the numbers because I thought they were abnormally large and they were italicized. The striping underneath the armpits I thought was a little ridiculous too, although I've never been a fan of that on any sort of uniform. They also only wore those titans stripes on the helmets for the away games. It was a mash up of a bunch of different things that year. They always remind of Loren Wade too, which I don't like to be reminded of. They wore them in 03, and ditched em the next year in 04 when they signed the contract with Nike. I'm glad they never saw the field again. Ive liked everything they've put out since then, and the new ones this year are definitely growing on me.
  3. I heard a rumor that we may go "stormtrooper" against Illinois, and monochrome maroon against USC. Which would mean ASU would wear each of their 4 helmets in the first 4 weeks of the season... Kinda crazy to have a different helmet every week if you ask me I don't mean to jump all over your post in any way, I apologize in advance...but I just don't understand why some people insist on calling it the "storm trooper" look. I understand the literal reason behind why they do it; I'm a Star Wars fan...I get it. Most of the time it has a negative connotation behind it and its usually used in the same context as the monochrome color look. I just don't see how you can equate the two. The all white look has been around since the beginning of pro football. When you think of football uniforms from the 50's & 60's, the all white look was a typical look and is almost emblematic of that era. The Colts or Jets in all white is much more timeless then the Rams or Bears in all Navy. In my opinion the all white look is to football jerseys, what pin stripes are to baseball jerseys. sorry for the rant, but it just bugs the hell out of me. Haha no worries. I totally understand what you are saying. I hate it too. I just called it that because it seems like most people on these boards call the all-white look the "stormtrooper" look and I thought it'd be recognizable to everyone here.
  4. I heard a rumor that we may go "stormtrooper" against Illinois, and monochrome maroon against USC. Which would mean ASU would wear each of their 4 helmets in the first 4 weeks of the season... Kinda crazy to have a different helmet every week if you ask me
  5. I was watching the ice installation video on the Phoenix Coyotes website, and it showed them putting in the 15th Anniversary logo at center ice. Coyotes Ice Installation Photos: Picture 8 In picture 8 of the slideshow, you can see it. It's just a sand and red banner below the howling coyote head logo. I know there are going to be a lot of posts following this one saying something along the lines of, "It should be a final season patch" or whatever. But as far as logo design is concerned, I really don't like it when teams just slap a little banner underneath an existing logo. I just don't get how they are going to incorporate it onto the jersey. They could have done so much more.
  6. Ditto, except I'll be there for work...I'm more excited about the stadium renovations, which are seriously overdue. I can't wait to see what they have in-store for the stadium either. Do you think they're going to go with a whole new stadium? Or is SDS just going get renovated?
  7. I'm actually going to the event on Saturday, where I've heard rumors they'll be unveiling a new/renovated Sun Devil Stadium, new uniforms for football, new one piece suit for Sparky and a more aggressive funding campaign. I'll try to grab pictures. I'm really excited about this, but I don't know how I feel about a possible removal of Sparky from the helmet.
  8. I know some people who work for the Islanders and they told me, (and I hope to God that this is not true) that the Islanders 3d jersey will not be orange but will be black. Yes another case of BFBS. When they told me this all I could do was facepalm and say "I really, really hope this isn't the case." BLACK??? The Islanders have NO BLACK WHATSOEVER even in their logo! They never have, and they'd better not ever have! Maybe they're trying to appeal to Mets and Knicks fans. They have black too. Exactly what I was thinking
  9. Eh, I hope your roommate meant new away, as in a white jersey to match home (retro). I wish the Oilers stayed navy/copper and went back to the 97-07 uniforms, with the current home as an alternate. As long as those awful practice jerseys don't see another game after this season, I'll probably be happy. Actually, my roommate did just get back home, and he just corrected me. Edmonton will be getting a new away uniform next year.
  10. These were all of the same things I thought. Although with LA, I hope they promote the current black alt, make a matching white for the away, and bring back a purple alt with black, white and silver accents on it. Or even better, how about bringing back just the purple and yellow, with a purple home, white away, and yellow alternate? That'd be pretty sweet for a predominately "black uniform" Pacific Division. Definitely hope for more blue in Tampa, and the red stays in Atlanta, and DEFINITELY wishing for a green alt in Dallas
  11. Haha yeah, there are.. a few actually. I know, it's probably hard to take a guy seriously about hockey when he's lived in Phoenix all his life. Believe me, I've heard all the jokes. If it makes a difference though, my roommate who supplied the information is originally from Edmonton and a huge Oilers fan.
  12. I know it MAY be a little early, but I felt like I had to jump on this. My roommate who works in a hockey shop here in Phoenix just got the new Reebok catalog in for next year. He said there are multiple uniform changes coming for next year, based on what is in that catalog. Here's the exact text he sent me: "Islanders new third. Kings are changing their 3 jerseys. Tampa is changing up their home and aways. Toronto is getting a new third. Edmonton is getting a new home. Florida is changing up the home and away. Pittsburgh new third. Predators new home and away. Senators new third. Dallas new third and atlanta new third" This is straight from the catalog, and if I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure the catalog has been a pretty good indicator of what is going to be coming out for the next season. Should be pretty interesting. Any thoughts?
  13. My friends and I are heading out to Oceanside for Spring Break in the morning, and I thought I'd share these pics with everyone before we head out. Awhile ago, I decided I was going to make a beer pong table with NHL logos on it for Spring Break. This is (almost) the end result; we'll put the hinges on in the morning. All the logos are painted on. We're huge coyotes fans, so that's part of the reason why that logo is a little bit bigger than the others. Such a fun project to do, and looking forward to using it over break! Pics of completed table will be up at sometime in the next couple days.
  14. Know it's been awhile since anything was talked about these, but i was surfin the web today before our game, and found this in a video on And my worst fear has become a reality. THIS is why they added black outlines... .... ... .. . See those on the bottom row? Yeah. Those are BLACK UNIS. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.
  15. Haha that seventh grader is our senior quarterback, and front-runner starter, Danny Sullivan.