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  1. Are those lateral stripes on the helmet part of their branding/decals? Or just stickers for player names (practice helmets)? They are just for players names. The helmets, though, will most likely be the same as last years'. Matte navy blue with the VA state logo on one side, numbers on the other, and (unfortunately) chrome center stripe.
  2. Old Dominion University had a scrimmage in their new unis today. They were formerly a mash up of various Nike templates. There was no unveiling, but it was verified via their Facebook page. Rather underwhelming, but definitely missed the oppotunity to have the pants match to the shoulder striping. Still looks a bit too much like practice gear, but it probably could've been worse.
  3. Miami slipped up a bit and released the information regarding tomorrow's release: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/083110aaa.html From the story: Nike convened distinguished representatives associated with each university to deliver the uniforms' unique stories: ? Michael Irvin, Miami: NFL Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl champion who led the Hurricanes to a National Championship in 1987. ? Marty Lyons, Alabama: Crimson Tide All-America defensive tackle who played for Paul "Bear" Bryant's 1978 National Champion team and went on to an 11-year career with the New York Jets. ? Jerard Rabb, Boise State: Broncos wide receiver on the historic hook and ladder play that propelled Boise State to victory in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. ? Errict Rhett, Florida: Led Florida in rushing yards all four seasons of his college career and played seven seasons in the NFL. ? Charles Csuri, Ohio State: Decorated WWII veteran and the father of digital art and animation, Csuri first made history as part of the 1942 Buckeyes National Championship team. ? Steve Preece, Oregon State: A key member of Oregon State's 1967 team known as the "Giant Killers," Preece went on to a successful career as defensive back with the Los Angeles Rams. ? Ruben Brown, Pittsburgh: A mainstay on Pitt's offensive line for four years, Brown played for the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears, starting in 181 games. ? Matt Lewis, TCU: Equipment Manager for the Horned Frogs who received the game ball after last year's 55-28 victory over Utah, when TCU debuted their '09 Nike Pro Combat uniforms. ? Col. Rock Roszak, Virginia Tech: Alum of Virginia Tech and the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, Roszak received numerous decorations during 27 years of active duty service in the U.S. Air Force. ? Bob Huggins, West Virginia University: Mountaineer alum and current head basketball coach, Huggins has one of the highest winning percentages in Division I basketball. The Nike Pro Combat System of Dress Each team will benefit from the lightweight innovation and flexible protection of the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress, but the similarities end there. Rendered in vivid color palettes and rich in cultural and historical motifs specific to the individual programs, each custom design tells a different story. "The Nike Pro Combat System of Dress merges innovation and inspiration to deliver the lightest uniform in the industry," said Kris Aman, Global VP and GM of Nike Athletic Training, which includes football. "The designs incorporate cultural cues emblematic of each team's identity and heritage. They're more than uniforms, they're expressions of pride." Nike designers studied each team's past, present and vision for the future. They immersed themselves in the community and culture of the universities. As a result, the special-edition uniforms capture the soul and spirit of each program. Key design details from the uniforms include: ? Miami: Tonal Fir palm-frond print emblematic of South Florida incorporated into the jersey numbers, pant and footwear. ? Alabama: Houndstooth check pattern incorporated into the uniform in tribute to legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. ? Boise State: Reflective, Game Royal Bronco head on the uniform echoes the famed blue turf of Bronco stadium. ? Florida: Alligator-skin motif used in the jersey numbers, pant, gloves and footwear inspired by menacing Gator mascot. ? Ohio State: Stylized script numbers, a replica U.S. flag on the jersey sleeve and the camouflage-print base layer honor the WWII-bound Buckeyes, National Champions of 1942. ? Oregon State: Retro design revives a look worn by the victorious 1967 "Giant Killers." ? Pittsburgh: Notched Team Gold jersey numbers and stencil stripe on the helmet evoke steel I-beams in reference to Pittsburgh's steel industry. ? TCU: Icy lizard-skin pattern used throughout the uniform inspired by the scaly body armor of TCU's horned frog mascot and a memorable quote from celebrated coach Leo "Dutch" Meyer. ? Virginia Tech: All-black uniform references the cadet gray-and-black regalia worn by Virginia Tech's original football team and honors the school's current Corps of Cadets. ? West Virginia: A headlamp-like line running front-to-back on the helmet and smudged Black pattern on the uniform pay respect to the region's coal mining industry. The participating schools all rank in the preseason top 25. The teams plan to wear the uniquely designed uniforms for the games listed below and any other games they may determine at a later date: the University of Alabama (Nov. 13), Boise State University (Sept. 6), University of Florida (Oct. 30), University of Miami (Nov. 20), The Ohio State University (Nov. 27), Oregon State University (Dec. 4), University of Pittsburgh (Nov. 26), TCU (Sept. 4), Virginia Tech (Sept. 6) and West Virginia University (Nov. 26).
  4. As a Norfolk resident, I can offer a bit of commentary. The logo is supposed to be a "combination" of the four logos the Admirals have had in their history. The first logo was an anchor surrounded by five stars. The second also featured the anchor with stars. The current logo is the battleship shooting the Oreo cookies. The current colors are red, blue, and yellow, so the colors are right. It's not being put as a main crest on a jersey for now. If anything, it might be a patch or the center ice logo. Former Admiral Dennis McEwen came up with the idea, so it's from a hockey player's mentality (at least McEwen's mentality).
  5. The Norfolk Admirals UPDATED JERSEYS! ... http://www.norfolkadmirals.com/release_story1.php?id=713
  6. Not exactly NHL .. but here are the first of the AHL EDGE jerseys... The Norfolk Admirals ... http://www.norfolkadmirals.com/release_story1.php?id=713
  7. The next teams to unviel are the Habs and the Flames in six days.
  8. Those logos are from some Zephyr hats that were put out a few years ago. Notice the old Caps eagle and colors. Nice logos, just they'll more than likely not wind up on any jersey ever.