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  1. The whole thing is actually much more complicated. About seven years ago the team's current owner took over by buying enough shares for a majority, upon doing this he turned the team into a privately held company as opposed to a public one. He did this in the name of taking back a team which had been abused and disrespected for years by the owner of their most hated rival (Televisa, owners of Club America). So he took the team back in hopes of getting its back to its glory by asserting its independence and listening to the fans and so on. In 2006 the team won the championship but this has been followed by failures up until this tournament. Prior to this tournament the logo change was made and since the fans weren't happy with the new ownership they saw the new logo as an unwelcome changed, as if the new owner was getting rid of their team and replacing it with his own. Even with the fantastic start to this tourney the backlash remained and now we see the official change. This also comes after a few weeks ago a Mexican court found that the new owner had obtained the team illegally and could not officially use the Chivas name. I don't really have a horse in this race as I don't particularly care for this team. The new owner has been successful in asserting independence but he has failed in winning titles (only one in seven or eight years and keep in mind there are two championships per year in Mexico). He has also expanded the Chivas brand to the U.S via Chivas USA, to Europe and even to China. He's been good for the brand but the brand has undoubtedly been good to him ($$$$). If the new logo felt like an unwelcome era and he wants to reassure the fans that its still their team then its a good move but lets also keep in mind that trying to control the brand in Mexico, a place full of piracy and corruption where there has been a lack of any enforcement of any copyright laws, is impossible. The new logo could have been protected much more easily had it been kept long enough to be accepted.
  2. So a few months (maybe a year) ago Chivas (the Mexican version) modernized their old crest, made it a bit more printer friendly by eliminating some of the jumble that all those tiny details tends to create. There was a great uproar from fans, the media and most of the country it seems and it looks like now they're going back to the old crest. So to summarize, this was the old logo which is the basis for Chivas USA's crest and has been brought back: This was the short lived modernized crest: And this is a side by side comparison of both as patches on jerseys: Does anybody remember an instance of this sort of thing happening in other sports? the Islanders fisherman and a slew of 90's cartoon logos come to mind as does the whole Tropicana debacle of last year. I know that right now its in vogue to go back to vintage crests (see the Pistons) but I dont consider this sort of thing to be equal to the Chivas situation. As for the modernized crest, I liked it but then again its hard to change something so old and so established. The backlash was to be expected.
  3. I won this keychain on eBay the other day, so heres a better view of the 84 logos if you wanna use em:
  4. To be fair the "join the fight" quip was from gaslamp ball, a blog that follows the team, and not from the team itself. I've always been torn about the entire military issue, on the one hand yes this is a military town and the team should be able to use that in the way it promotes itself but on the other when its manifested in horrific camo alternate jerseys it simply feels like an inappropriate money grab. The best part about those sunday games are the troops in the stands, you know the people who are actually "in the fight". Still the roundel is pretty cool, it also shows that that report that came out a few months ago saying that the front office was moving away from the homeplate-padres logo in favour of the SD is very true. More proof can be seen on the official site and, hopefully around the ballpark once the season starts. Good move I say, that homeplate logo is awful.
  5. Today was the Padres Open House (whatever that is) here is a tweet from the event from @gaslampball no pictures, not sure what to make of it if anything.
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    MLS Concepts

    Buffalos unis look a lot like Queretaro's
  7. Local soccer club, don't have a vector, as far as I know this is the biggest version of the logo out there, i'd love it if you could give it a try
  8. A few pages back I mentioned Chivas had altered its classic logo, simplifying it by removing some colors. Addition by subtraction I guess. There has been a pretty big backlash against the new crest but the higher ups are holding firm with the change. Anyway, back then I didnt have a good view of the new mark (and I still dont) but heres a good enough view: For comparison the old crest, a variation of which is used by Chivas USA:
  9. New Chivas uniforms Good to see them continuing the tradition of each kit being uglier than the previous one. This one brings back the vertical stripes, making them thicker and moving the sponsor and crest to the middle stripe (as opposed to over the heart). Because this change was pretty good they went ahead and ruined it by adding some "slashes" at the bottom of the stripes. The asymmetrical collar and sleeves remain, stripes were restored to the back and it remains to be seen how the numbers and names will be placed. The change kit is now orange and grey. The crest has also been modified, the city crest in the middle of it now has white trees and a different color border (the crest went from six colors to four), no good views of it yet but you can kinda tell in these two pics: full story (in spanish) and gallery are here
  10. Yep, nothing says Mexico better than that font I believe is referred to as "Mexcellent" somewhere. great job on the above logos btw, the hidden "Nba" reminds me of that "Vmi" in the Braves logo
  11. Now you're just being modest, I happen to love Tigres current "square" logo: a U and a T: Tigres de la Universidad way better than the old, super 90's logo: Also real happy they did not get relegated this year as Mexico needs more teams up in the north and it desperately needs that Monterrey derby. and I had not put the owl and Harry Potter connection together, if I hadnt been told those were the old Tecos colors I would have thought it was intentional.
  12. Because Mexican soccer is not limited to Chivas and Club America I bring news of a complete rebrand by one of the smaller teams in Primera Division (probably the smallest team actually) Tecos is the representative of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (or UAG), its home games are basically empty, its followers are limited to graduates of the University and non-existent outside of Guadalajara and even in that city they are the third team after Chivas and Atlas. Remarkably though they have remained in the First Division since 1935, they have a total of one championship since then. Thats way more than you needed to know about this team, here is the makeover. They went from this: To this: The name of the team has been changed from "Tecos" (Owls basically) to "Estudiantes" (Students), though its unclear whether it'll be just Estudiantes or "Estudiantes Tecos" which sounds horrible and makes no sense. The logo appears to signal that itll be the latter. The uniforms will change from the teams now iconic checkerboard (which degenerated from that Kappa beauty to stuff like this) to a color combination that was apparently their original but which many are now referring to as Harry Potter colors. Of course it didnt help that the announcement included prolific use of scarfs: As far as the logo, well what do you guys think? I mean Mexican soccer has some pretty horrible identities, they at least kept it as a crest but the older one was one of my favourites growing up so I'm kinda bummed it got changed. The new logo looks like a bloated version of the old one and I hate that they included that "Tecos" under the "E", it just looks kinda thrown together randomly. The change in colors is not bad, the old ketchup and mustard (or Soviet) colors always were a bit bright, the Gryffindor colors work well together. Then there is the name! its not gonna win them any new fans, Atlas is already known as "La Academia" in Guadalajara so it seems to me they got that market cornered and with Chivas owning that city there really isnt any new ground to be won.