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  1. This is also the logo they used for the jerseys they gave out to the players for their workouts.
  2. Jeremy Mayfield with the 2004 NHL All-Star Game logo at Daytona Regan Smith with a Carolina Hurricanes helmet Jeff Burton selling Hurricanes' season tickets
  3. Correction, that's Byron Dafoe during is cup of coffee with the Caps.
  4. Better shots of the Hurrjcanes jersey with the 25th patch that doesn't seem to be on the finished product
  5. I'll try to get a better shot later in the week with something more than my phone cam, for sure.
  6. Like I posted earlier, I believe this to be the Hurricanes' third-- mostly because it's still on the hangers at Pro Hockey Life and do see anything anywhere about what it actually is.
  7. Found what appears to be the Lethbridge 3rds at Pro Hockey Life at CrossIron Mills outside of Calgary. Also, it seems the Hitmen will use their pink/silver combination they used for their 15th anniversary last year as their thirds.
  8. '06-'07 Anaheim Ducks. Changed their identity and unis and won the Cup.
  9. The Calgary Hitmen donned these for the Teddy Bear toss in early December:
  10. I was lucky enough to be on the media rafters at the Draft and I talked to Paul Hamilton of the WGR. He mentioned that it would be either at a pre-season game or a special event. While it may not be the exact blue and yellow color, but it will be a variation. Also, the Sabre head will more than likely be gone.
  11. -raises hand- Unleash that thing. View at your own risk: what's up with the big blue "J" on the centered guy? i can't tell if thats on the jersey or just on the pic That's the marking of the person who took that picture. A cat by the name of J who use to help out on a Mallards fan site and post on some minor league boards here and there. He has a pretty decent gallery of Mallard stuff, located at Fotki
  12. Good deal, then. Thanks for enlightening me folks.
  13. So, I was looking at pictures from last night's game and noticed something on both the back left of the Rangers and Maple Leafs helmets last night. The Yahoo pictures don't really give anything in great detail, but I was wondering if anyone knew or heard on the broadcast what they signified, if anything.