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  1. Awesome job on the Nailers ! I'd also say the same for just about all your designs, makes me wonder how professional teams end up with such crappy designs when folks around here create amazing stuff !
  2. You're definitely on to something here. Couple of things need to be changed though, like hockey week said I'd move the sleeve stripes down a bit. Also, I'd try adding shoulder logos, the ''paw roundel'' logo they used to use was pretty good. The bottom stripes don't do it for me, especially since on the black jersey, the red stripe will disappear in the pants making it pretty much useless. That said, I really like the sleeve stripe idea, very clever ! Good job too on the collar, it's a must for their rebrand !
  3. I always said, if you're gonna go the Rockies route, use today's color palette to recolour everything.
  4. I'd buy one (coming from a Hawks fan)
  5. Vaytch

    St. John's Ice Caps

    Holy freakin' wow Batman ! ...also, if I remember correctly the Habs did wear a uniform with diagonal stripes a long time ago so it makes sense to bring it back. One gripe tho, the gradient in the logo doesn't work with the look imo. Still, I'd buy one !
  6. I want graphics to be more of a representation of the DC artwork instead of Hollywood's interpretation. I went with the card theme because psychos aren't dealing with a full deck. Pardon the pun. Fair enough, but then I would try to simplify the card or the helmet design itself. Right now, you have way too much going on. I agree that there's too much going on as of now, maybe simplify the striping pattern ?
  7. The good teams have to face some villain teams you know
  8. Weirdly, I think the exact opposite of NYG, don't dig the Waterboys name, sounds a bit, I don't know, TAME (wanted to say gay but don't wanna offend anyone) The designs are awesome tho and I can't wait to see more ! I dare you to do a team for the Joker
  9. Laurels should go forward imo.
  10. For uniformities sake I'd darken the sleeves on Team Carter's jersey.
  11. I like it as well but I don't think a red fleur de lys would fly in Quebec. Red is usually for Canada, blue for Quebec
  12. REALLY like the pants, nice touch with the 4 stripes !
  13. MUCH better without the puck, pucks and sticks are for teams in cities where hockey is a secondary sport to help distinguish it from other local sports teams IMO. I'd just try to make the head a little less circular and you'll have a perfect logo !
  14. Great series so far !! Quick comment on the Preds though, with the stars representing championships I think that the logo you chose is a bit confusing, especially since the Oilers have a star in the logo representing a championship.
  15. Should I have done the striping exactly how their first jerseys were? I figured I'd switch it up but when you put it like that I see the frustration. I'm gonna shun Detroit though. New Jersey at least had something close to that before those teams. Detroit shouldn't have introduced that striping. I don't think it fits the team. Well I wasn't frustrated but I've seen enough of this pattern personally ! Your Pens uni looks tremendous by the way !