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  1. if you want to keep the number of teams even, just add another euro team, I think a team in almost any country would fit well.
  2. that's alot bigger than i thought it would be, haha ps. how do you get the sigs to sit beside themselves?
  3. Email address? And are you on mac or windows? Thanks for the info, you will be sent a template+tutorial as soon as I get your email address. I knew I forgot something. rblazina@gmail.com and windows. thanks!
  4. hey, can I get the template too? very much appreciated, keep up the amazing work!
  5. But Italy is the soccer capital of the world.
  6. I like the idea of the league. When you created your teams, what was your bases of "biggest cities"? Geography or football based? Because if so, you kinda forgot one of the biggest soccer nations in Italy. Also, you left out some of the big soccer beds in the world in Croatia, Argentina, Poland, Ukraine. And what's with the name Toronto Canadians? Sounds like a hockey team.
  7. Toronto FC, Dinamo Zagreb, Toronto Blue Jays, and Croatia National Soccer, if you need images, let me know
  8. What do you mean by "the primary will change?". They just changed the home jeresy to match the away jeresy last season. If anything, they will create an alternate, which I could see a black or silver one. But I think they still have to wait a few years before introducing a new jeresy again, which I remember reading was something like 3 years, at least it is for the NHL.
  9. Windsor Spitfires and the Niagara Icedogs of the OHL would be sweet to see.
  10. Raptor

    Soccer club sigs

    I was wondering if I could get one for NK Dinamo Zagreb? Thanks
  11. .pdf to rblazina@gmail.com, thanks