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  1. The Wasilla logo should be a pit bull wearing lipstick.
  2. Not to continue the threadjack but... Seattle in the 60s was growing quickly with Boeing a huge economic engine as the jet age kicked in. The World's Fair brought it to national attention in 61, and baseball started looking at it for expansion - a natural with a major city, no competiton for hundreds of miles (nearest teams were San Fran, LA and Kansas City). But the ownership group was underfunded, and the fixup of old Sicks Stadium, a Triple AAA park, was delayed to the point where not all the seats were ready for opening day. The plumbing didn't work well, the facilities were substandard and the tickets were too expensive($6 top, very high for 69; when the Brewers started play next year, covered mezzanine seats at County Stadium went for $5.) They also went with over the hill "names" instead of building young; Lou Pinella was traded away to Kansas City where he beame Rookie of the Year. In short, a mess, and the owners went bankrupt. With the dome still years away, no local owners were interested, and Selig, who had been looking for a team since the Braves left, was ready.
  3. Oh, this is the worst-looking hat I ever saw. What, when you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh?
  4. From Wisconsin, the latest name change away from Indians: The Poynette Pumas (no logo or mascot yet) It won over Bison, Mustangs, Pride and Panthers.
  5. The original was centered over the top of the Tiger Hawk logo, and the ANF letters were much larger. Hey, if you're going to use your helmet to send a message, shout it!
  6. Not that anyone seems to like them - from theMilwaukee Journal Sentinel.
  7. I never thought I'd turn away from another game to an Oregon game for a better uniform, but...
  8. Honestly, is it really necessary for you to use that kind of language in front of us on this message board? I'm a Rams fan who lives in Arlington, with no love lost for Jerry Jones. That being said, I have to defend him on this. I think he wanted the screen to be that big for the sake of his fans. The reason I think this is because of what he did with the press boxes. In most stadiums, the press boxes are right at the 50, but Jerry had them put in further down the field because he said that paying fans should have a better view of the game that the press, who get in free. Moving the press boxes is nothing new - in most of the new stadiums - and in the Lambeau renovation - only the TV booths are at the 50; the radio/writing press boxes are more toward one end of the field, so they can put luxury boxes in and make big money from the central location. Jerry's 60-yard penis extender has nothing to do with that.
  9. A small Packers note (literally): they've added small helmet numbers on the white stripe on the back of the helmet.
  10. Oconomowoc Cooneys (WI) Watersmeet Nimrods (MI) Indianapolis Northwest Space Pioneers Shoals Jug Rox (IN) Vincennes Lincoln Alices (IN) Clintonville Truckers (WI) Man, I love high schools!
  11. 1. Keep the name Clippers. 2. Change the colors to green, blue and gold trim 3. Move to Seattle, where the name makes a bit more sense. As for college v. pro, I've lost any interest since the Bucks turned into the Clippers east. Maybe if the NBA played by traditional basketball rules, got the pro wrestling element out of the game, and quit signing kids who are just out of puberty, I'd pay attention again. I respect the talent of the stars, but on an entertainment level, college basketball is much more exciting, more varied in style, and gives a better value per dollar.
  12. Why not the Independents?
  13. Manitowoc (WI) H.S. is called the Shipbuilders, or Ships for short. Would have been a good name for George III HS So would Kings, for that matter.