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  1. I haven't been there in awhile, but you should check out Fontdiner.com some really sweet retro fonts, and there is a slew of free ones.
  2. About Toyota in NASCAR, technically the Camry is the only make made in America, The Ford Fusion is made in Mexico ,the Chevy Monte Carlo and Dodge Charger are made in Canada from what I hears all of speedweeks in Daytona...but I don't recall ever hearing about the Dodge's being built there. Darrell Waltrip was all over that being the Toyota honk that he is with the Japanese company supporting his Truck series operation and his brother's Cup teams.
  3. "Would you like fries with that?"
  4. As a Pirate fan, I like the logo a lot...especially the third one with the gold outline, but I think I like the bearded bucco...even though as already stated, Macho Man Randy Savage comes to mind. (R.I.P. Miss Elizabeth) I would like to see it without the baseballs, the beard and the wordmark above and below the logo though for the full effect, Overall, though I really like the concept a ton !
  5. I know I am late, but I just got home from work, Gold #4 Silver #28 Bronze #1
  6. I have a set of two stadium seats from the deceased Three Rivers Stadium as well as a bunch of artificial turf and Mens room signs from there as well...I also have a game used #2 Steve Wienke jersey from the first year of the Erie Panthers in the first year of the ECHL, and a #35 game used road Memphis Showboats jersey from the first or second year of the USFL.
  7. Bob Welch and Steve Yeager? Those are great pics...where did you dig those classics up? Dorf, good quick research on finding those teams that were part of the question...I stand humbly corrected as I never really paid that much attention to those that did it the old fashioned way. I am guessing that the nameplate came into being because back in the old days, teams used to recycle their old jerseys to their minor league teams..back when they most had their parent club names.
  8. So....by this logic, the MAJOR leagues are BUSH leagues...then what are the BUSH leagues ?
  9. I believe that practically every team does this...I can not think of any off the top of my head that sews the names directly onto the jersey by single letter at all...please if a team does, I would like to know who it (they) are.
  10. The FC lids can indeed be purchased in the team shop, they have the authentic and replicas in there. About the black home jerseys, I am kinda on the fence with them...I like them, but I believe that home should wear white except for special occasions or Sunday home games...by the way, when did this become the norm (the Sunday home jersey)? All in all, I like the Wings overall look...I don't even mind the cartoon bird.
  11. It is good that we in Rochester "pay homage " to our parent club..the Twins. It is a great lloking lid, and solidifies our relationship with the Twins. Since the trade off from the O's to the Twins, this has seemed like a great relatoinship..The Twins actually seem to give a darn on what is goin' on down here, and stocking us with some talent that actually have the shot at being major leaguers, see Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer, Terry Tiffee, and the such...I like the correlation between the two, and proud to be living ing in the " Flour City".
  12. I like it a lot...as a daily lurker, without the ability to get involved making concepts, I want to thank all of you for giving me hours of enjoyment looking at all the talent there is here. Thanks CC for giving me and many like me the oppurtunity to see all these amazing artists.
  13. Damn that Tribe set is absolutely amazing! The addition of that gold really sets everything off...Great job !
  14. O can not become become a Nats fan for the sole purpose that I am a Pirates fan. If the Pirates ever moved from the 'Burgh, I don't know if I COULD follow them in their new home. I am from western PA, and the Bucco's and Steelers have been ingrained in me since I could remember. Do I hope that they succeed...yeah, I do,...root for them...only against teams from the NL Central...and the Yankees during Interleague games if they play.