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  1. I love the idea of this, as me and my buddy have had a "team" for pong since 06. Weve had jerseys and different logos, its gotten intense. Always good to see someone else be as ridiculous as us hahahaha.

  2. here is an update, granted nothing major. However, the issue was raised about shadowing the face. I am down to shadow the arms, but for the face, unless someone wants me to decide on something generic, I think its alot of fun to give a small bit of detail that makes it obvious who the player is, you know?


  3. I'm going to give you a lot of critique on this thing but it's not because I don't like it. I think it is great and has tons of potential. There are a few things that do need to be done to make this thing top of the line.

    -Your jersey opening for the Home version is backwards. That needs to be changed.

    -You need stitching. Right off the top of my head the sleeve separation, the fly on the pants, hat stitching all need to be done.

    -Put some detail in the glove and shoes.

    -Shadowing for the skin needs to be added.

    -Add buttons and close up that opening at the bottom.

    -Clean the cap up to make it more crisp. It looks uneven from the bill to the top of the crown. Add a button at the top too.

    -Add a belt buckle.

    -Show different shades of shadowing. I like what you have now but maybe add a lighter layer. I would especially use this where the jersey and pants separate. Right now it looks like Jose Reyes has his jersey and pants connected. This is a common problem when doing a template for a single color uniform.

    -Have at least one of the templates show the stirrups. It's tricky but it can be done.

    That is all for now. If you need any help or want to know anything else about how I do my templates please don't hesitate to message me.

    Great critiques, and all pretty much true. Stupid mistakes + not being finished yet sum up my answer to most of these. I'll be getting on all of these issues asap.

  4. Looks nice and simple, but the fold in the first uniform really ruins hte script. Any way to fix that?

    Yeah, that was just how i did it, Its not actually in the way at all...Just something i tried out, seeing as how on baseball uniforms the script actually IS seperated and occasionally looks as such.

    Doesnt effect anything unless you want it to.

  5. Going off the suggestions in jayjackson's thread, I've started my own baseball template.

    Comments? Anything is appreciated.

    In the preview, the colors look a bit washed out from the .png, Oh well doesn't matter for this.


  6. Okay, so I was doodling around and ended up coming up with a rough version of this. Decided to get it down in illustrator and to ask you guys for some comments and criticism and such.

    Jerseys to come later.


  7. Is this in any way related to B2K the pop/r&b group? :D

    As for the concept, I like the crest a lot, although it seems like the top is kind of bare. It just seems striped for really no reason to me. For the numbers/jerseys?, I'd put some of the blue in there. Maybe make the numbers blue, outline gold(where it's black), then outer-outline red. Also, on the 4s, the inline looks strange to me...I'm not sure how to explain this, but stop the inline for the "l-shaped" part at where it meets the primary vertical inline. Meaning, the little part where it hangs out past the vertical on the right side looks weird.

    Does that make even the slightest bit of sense?

    Haha it al makes sense, its just I used the Grizzlies number font, I didnt even think to edit it at all. The crest has the blue/gold stripes because every verison of our crest has those stripes, its just like...part of what the team is haha. Like Barca's stripes. They are just there in some way haha.

    and :censored: yeah its related to the pop/r&b group, for hilarity's sake haha

  8. So, those of you who have seen me around here know about my beer pong team. I've posted a few of our crests before, you can search them if you want.

    Well, without further ado, here is the 2009 team crest and name/number fonts.(subject to comments and suggestions)

    I hope you like it, I think the crest is the best so far, easily.


  9. Just messing around with a new-ish template of mine, and I decided to come up with an Arsenal concept. The temp has no shorts yet so obviously, they aren't included.

    Its pretty basic, any C+C is welcome



    This just popped in my head. Maybe like a regular jersey, with the teams flag looking like its behind a rip in the real jersey. Not the flag exactly, but at least the basic idea of it.

    heres some examples.

    early incomplete versions, but they are the basic idea.


  11. Not to hijack, but just throwing this in.

    The stars would probably wear something like this...I might have mixed eras a bit, Im not sure about the numbers + striping combo, if they are part of the same era but whatever haha.