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  1. To be honest it could be pretty rad
  2. This isnt a real proposal just take the concept for what it is
  3. I think I speak for all Arsenal supporters when I say Puma can get bent. That being said, Adidas and Nike suck too these days. Here's what I'm hoping Adidas does something similar to, next year when they take over the Arsenal kit manufacturing responsibilities. Home jersey pretty simple, classic, elegant, hint of "adidas" touches. Change kit an homage to the bruised banana, but much less of an attack on human beings who have working eyes. Also figured this a nice project for a new template I'm working on. xx
  4. Just messing around with the new template, tweaked a logo I had been working on. Feel free to comment on the logo design/construction, the presentation, the template, whatever. Just sharing.
  5. For now, personal. Not even almost nearly easy enough to navigate to be public yet.
  6. Worked on a new jersey template.
  7. I regret randomly picking Seattle as the city for this hahaha
  8. Great feedback guys! Do want to say this isn't a real "proposal" in terms of "does it make sense for Seattle's actual NHL team?" It's more just an exploration of branding/presentation, the city could've been anything, probably given away by zero Seattle elements in the branding.
  9. For sure, the lines are definitely key, but use them as a guide. Here's an example of something I worked on a while back. You can see I used lines at the beginning to sketch the basic idea, but then moved onto shapes and refined and refined until it looked right. The lines are a great starting point, but use them almost as a skeleton.
  10. I took your base silhouette and made something quick to show what i mean. In theory, mine is really just a big navy blue blob with one silver shape on top, and one on the outside. Obviously it may be hard to get it right the first or second time, but keep pushing yourself to use shapes more, logos should be bolder and simpler than a drawing or illustration. Don't focus on the lines that are part something, try and focus on that shapes that build it.
  11. The base is fine, very classic profile silhouette. I think you should focus on much thicker shapes and then try to build the features inside of them with purposeful lines and choices. Don't think of sports logos as drawings, but think of them as heavy shapes conveying an image.
  12. Won't be adding the pink to any other uniform, it's strictly confined to the south beach alternate, serves its purpose there.
  13. Spot on re: having a "Marlins" wordmark. Had one done and just spaced on putting it on there. It's in there now, thanks! I think taking a page from the NBA is probably a good thing for MLB in terms of trying to do city-specific things.
  14. TAKE NOTES, JETER. But seriously, I tried not to do too much while still listening to what the fans really want, which is a return to teal. https://www.behance.net/gallery/72713543/Miami-Marlins-Rebrand
  15. Nelson Cruz wore LeBron cleats and high socks a few weeks ago in Detroit
  16. Re: Mariners blue/gold throwback alts not being in the game, I read an interview with one of the devs, said the reason its not in is because there are a specific number of slots, and they think the fans like using the pilots/70s/80s throwbacks and don't want to sacrifice one for the new sunday alt. It's garbage but thats what I've seen.
  17. It's the design of the Florida flag in OCSC colors. I'd seen it around once or twice.
  18. Posted this over at dribbble already but figured y'all would like a chance to tear it apart
  19. In. (I legit forgot what my login here was...)
  20. How come the environment here at CCSLC has turned into "gimme, gimme, gimme"? Doug did this for a project he's been a part of for a long time, and was gracious enough to record it and show everyone a look inside his process. It's not an easy thing to do at all, and I'm not sure why you feel you have earned the right to ask him to spend about an hour of his time just because you want to see something? Learn to do it yourself or ask for tips! We have no problem trying to help people learn, but too many people get way too ask happy and don't realize that alot of time goes into doing alot of this stuff and we're not just doing it because you want us too. Sorry for the rant, just saying. Love it, Doug. It's fun to frankenstein pieces together, even if it isn't always easy. Did a great job here!
  21. goforbroke, it's meant to symbolize this uniform on the left.
  22. Someone suggested on twitter that I take a stab at a NE Revs crest, who obviously need an update. I went through a bunch of concepts and ideas, none of which really fit the simplicity of a crest and also the revolutionary war's imagery. I finally came to this, which includes uniform and artillery imagery in what i think is a memorable and iconic way. BOOM. Tear it apart. Go.