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  1. 1. Blackhawks
    2. Canadiens
    3. Maple Leafs (Coming from a Habs fan, they had a hell of an upgrade)
    4. Penguins
    5. Stars
    6. Blues
    7. Bruins
    8. Red Wings
    9. Oilers
    10. Rangers
    11. Devils
    12. Predators
    13. Canucks
    14. Flyers
    15. Islanders
    16. Jets (Good ideas, need to be better executed)
    17. Lightning (Would I like more black in the identiy, yes, but still solid jerseys IMO)
    18. Coyotes (Not the originals, but I still like these)
    19. Wild (Bit of a mess, but I like them)
    20. Panthers
    21. Sabres
    22. Kings (If they had the damn hem stripes on the home jersey, I'd have this much higher)
    23. Ducks (Good logos, decent alt, what happened on the home and away?)
    24. Sharks
    25. Flames
    26. Capitals
    27. Senators
    28. Blue Jackets
    29. Avalanche
    30. Hurricanes (Bland and lame)

  2. ^ That should be an easy one to take down! As a collector of Starter jackets, the Hornets pull overs are super easy to find. It's the Hornets satin jackets that'll be a wrestle.

    Also, FINALLY, years later I conquered a whale. It's sort of a silly whale but I love it.

    Scored the 2006 / 2007 Anaheim Ducks road jersey. Why did I want it? For several reasons. Mostly so I could do some customizing to it and make it into a sweet Selanne Cup Final jersey. But also that honestly, that was a great time for myself. I have a lot of fond memories of watching NHL games and being in school. To think I was in grade 6 hahaha. But it was at that time I decided to start looking at these forums, as you can tell I joined in 2007 so, the rest they say is history.

  3. eric-b-rakim-291-l.jpg


    I get the Eric B & Rakim one... ish.

    But damn dude, De La Souls cover is great. Easily displays the sound of a lot of the album. In my opinion one of the best hip hop covers of all time.

    I've never listened to it, but this always makes me laugh:


    Now this is laughable as hell... wow.

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