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  1. 1. Blackhawks 2. Canadiens 3. Maple Leafs (Coming from a Habs fan, they had a hell of an upgrade) 4. Penguins 5. Stars 6. Blues 7. Bruins 8. Red Wings 9. Oilers 10. Rangers 11. Devils 12. Predators 13. Canucks 14. Flyers 15. Islanders 16. Jets (Good ideas, need to be better executed) 17. Lightning (Would I like more black in the identiy, yes, but still solid jerseys IMO) 18. Coyotes (Not the originals, but I still like these) 19. Wild (Bit of a mess, but I like them) 20. Panthers 21. Sabres 22. Kings (If they had the damn hem stripes on the home jersey, I'd have this much higher) 23. Ducks (Good logos, decent alt, what happened on the home and away?) 24. Sharks 25. Flames 26. Capitals 27. Senators 28. Blue Jackets 29. Avalanche 30. Hurricanes (Bland and lame)
  2. Hey everyone, So a bit before Adidas and the NHL unveiled the WCH jerseys, I sketched a few ideas out as to what I thought the Canadian jerseys might look like. I even was guessing where the Adidas stripes would go (figured they would have put them on these). After seeing the ones released (and I do mostly enjoy them), I wanted to adapt the sketch I made onto the template they presented. Even made the template to look similar to how they showed off the jerseys. As I said, this is mostly just what I guessed it would look like, and then applied it to the template they showed. Figured some of you might think it's cool. Nothing wild but I felt it looked sharp. And yes, the racing stripes are somewhat odd, but it's just how I guessed they might have done them.
  3. Hey everyone! Figured I'd show the idea I had for a third jersey for the Manitoba Moose. I understand their reasoning for using the Jets colours, and it's a good one. However I figured since it's also the same franchise as the 1996 - 2011 Moose, why not have a third jersey that uses the old colours for fun and essentially resembles the old jersey. There's so much charm in the old identity that I felt should still be present in the new uniforms. Changes are minor... - No black outline down the sleeve - Cream outlines on stripes, numbers and logo now - Using the updated head graphic that was released recently, recoloured - Slight template change - Name font changed to match Jets
  4. *bites lip* Ouuuu if those Rockets jerseys were gold and red they'd be godly.
  5. I see a few changes to the logo, minor but solid. Wish the jerseys were at least somewhat unique, like a return to the old number font would be welcomed and great.
  6. You know, if you turned the black into a really dark blue and if the sides were consistent between the shorts and jersey, those would be really really great. But honestly as of now, they look pretty solid. I really like the number font and the 76 logo, however the Sixers name itself doesn't appear right, perhaps make it more in italics like the numbers and 76 and it'd be better.
  7. If there's a snapback or 59FIFTY, I'll definitely look into buying a hat. Definitely tempted on the shirts available. Overall I really like the rebrand, not what I'd expect, I had my own ideas but I know I'll enjoy seeing this too.
  8. Generic

    49ers Rebrand

    I definitely don't feel the gold is touching on green much. I really enjoy what I see here, the uniforms are perfectly simple. The font used I personally love. Everything is really to the point and no beating around the bush. Would be so simple, straight forward and good looking that I'd enjoy seeing this happen! No complaints here!
  9. I'm sure the top on the side will have the three stars like the original jersey it's referencing.
  10. Hm, really wish I could see the full upper of the jersey. The shorts look pretty solid. Sleeves for the jersey would be a shame though. Can't wait to see the full set in action, I like the idea this has at least.
  11. You know, this is pretty damn refreshing to see. Really glad I clicked this concept. The only things I feel like highlighting are maybe try a white outline on that last logo update and place it on the vibrant blue for the home uniform. Also I'll note that with a few touch ups on the shading within the owl, this could look pretty phenomenal. The grey areas in various spots could use a touch up. Specifically to make it flow with the lines around them. And the face lines could benefit a ton from removing the dark blue outline around the eyes (or thickening it considerably), the eyebrow ish part (not sure what to call it) could use white and grey perhaps? give it a more fluffy feel rather than the current lines being used. I'll also suggest this for the grey area on the sides of the eyes, perhaps fluff that up a little more? Easily this was a pleasure to see and I'll proudly give you a golf clap, hope this develops into a super credible guideline for the future of NHL hockey in Quebec City branding wise.
  12. I'm not really a fan of any of this. If anything, I can say the away doesn't look all too bad. Specifically font wise the away seems nice. I really dislike the font used in the primary and alternate logos and the home jersey. I'll also double on the admiral's comment in regards to the home looking much like the Jazz '05 jerseys. Not too wild on the colours either, however I think it's more or less that I'm not a fan of the design that is deterring the likability of them. Perhaps work a bit on the uniform designs and look into a font that might fit better for the primary and alternate logos and the home jersey. The numbers and script on the away are solid though!
  13. Gold - 7 Silver - 5 Bronze - 4
  14. Quebec Nordiques Seattle Pilots or Seattle Totems, Seattle Metropolitans Las Vegas Aces Hamilton... you know what, I actually don't know. Yellow and gold would be the colours though.
  15. This is the kind of thinking that cause NBA teams to just crap out as many hideous uniforms they can put on the market, regardless of quality.I'll double on that. As for the Nets new jersey... I hope there's no sleeves or gimmick colours like that "Brooklyn Blue" crap. A black and white ABA style or the actual ABA style is a perfect alternate for the team. Perhaps replace the stars on a black and white one with a Net pattern similar to the last the New Jersey Nets wore.
  16. I actually liked the piped out jerseys St. Louis had, these aren't bad though.
  17. I'm in love with the Lakers and Thunder concepts. I know the Lakers one is essentially what they wore once upon a time but it feels so right to see. Hope they can 'update' to a similar look again, not a fan of what they have now. The Thunder blew my mind for the layout of it. It would be such a cool take on how to execute the Thunder brand. I can even envision an orange version of that looking super nice. Let's keep this thread going, definitely enjoying these.
  18. Damn, wish they had those stores out here in Nova Scotia. Would be buying so many NBA jerseys.
  19. Yup, that's CCSLC in a nutshell. Sad stuff... I guess I have a response to both parts of this conversation. 1. I prefer the Toronto Blue Jays branding, however this is probably major bias 101. Though in honesty, just not a fan of the illustration style used by Creighton despite it still being a solid logo 2. I understand why Toronto would feel obligation to do this. Shouldn't be hard to understand either. It'll be interesting to see how this progresses and I think it'll reach a settlement if anything and won't really go 'major' or anything.
  20. I don't see why a lot of people tend to say the Ducks now past set was so horrible... the script logo definitely wasn't the best but imagine if it was the D in place of it. That'd be pretty solid if you ask me. As for these, they're... something. Forever the set from before will mean the most to myself in the Ducks history, even more so than the Mighty Ducks and that raided my childhood. Best I can say is that they got the crest right.
  21. So this is what they meant by "decline of the concepts section"... As for the concept, I personally like the feel of the home and away, however the pinstripes in that arrangement is my only nit pick. I just never liked the line in the direct middle with the multiple stripes surrounding it and rather I prefer the way the original Hornets did the striping, but as I said, that's a nitpick and really they still look good. Also for the home I'll add that it appears like there's a lot of teal and it overrides the purple but I understand you were trying to just keep consistent with the number set / script which in that case it looks great. As for the alternate, I usually hate jerseys that touch along those lines but honestly, it's really refreshing to see that. I especially love the cheesy honeycomb design for the numbers. I really think you could expand further the design elements from the chest on that jersey to make a beautiful full set. The lettering without outlines is actually really nice and heck, if you don't expand on it, I'd love to see it / do that myself! And for the pattern on the side, it looks odd from the front and back views, but great on the side so I'm guessing it's just the template not doing it justice. Solid work I'd say, definitely some potential to take these further just from seeing the alternate.
  22. Would the NBA actually enforce this? Or say if they didn't closely monitor, and that he provides the other hat that they'd fine him?
  23. ^ That should be an easy one to take down! As a collector of Starter jackets, the Hornets pull overs are super easy to find. It's the Hornets satin jackets that'll be a wrestle. Also, FINALLY, years later I conquered a whale. It's sort of a silly whale but I love it. Scored the 2006 / 2007 Anaheim Ducks road jersey. Why did I want it? For several reasons. Mostly so I could do some customizing to it and make it into a sweet Selanne Cup Final jersey. But also that honestly, that was a great time for myself. I have a lot of fond memories of watching NHL games and being in school. To think I was in grade 6 hahaha. But it was at that time I decided to start looking at these forums, as you can tell I joined in 2007 so, the rest they say is history.
  24. The new unis will have those multicolored pinstripes..we already have that confirmed. good call on that one Is that a Nets Starter jacket in your profile pic? If so, that's sick!
  25. Just curious to hear exactly more about the arrangement of things. The obvious differences with the current shield is that there's now a stripe going across it and rather than "Los Angeles" and "Kings" it's "LA". Is that the particular issues? Or it is something else?