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  1. It always intrigues me how much people will debate about how much the Canucks logos may or may not have anything to do with Canucks, but nobody beats an eye at the current logos of the Golden State Warriors.
  2. So with little fanfare, the Cape Breton Eagles also changed their name and number fonts. Names are single color black on white and white on black, but the numbers are now yellow with a single black outline on the white jerseys and white with a black and yellow outline on black.
  3. The Canadiens also do, though the red shoulders kind of make it not as noticeable.
  4. That is the shoulder logo. (The version on the white jersey.)
  5. FYI, the stripe that runs along under the shoulder panels is absent on the back of the jerseys, thanks to that weird new CCM tag on the back collar that juts down into the back of the jersey.
  6. Shoulder patches. (Also I has the one holding the sleeves open so the photographer could take the picture.)
  7. Jerseys still the same, just with the new CCM collar.
  8. I was hoping someone got the clue I was dropping.
  9. It's kind of quiet in here. A little too quiet. And if what I've heard is true... Things will be even quieter tomorrow. (And I'll be there to find out.)
  10. Has anyone noticed the new weird rear collar tags on the CCM AHL jerseys? It would also appear that all teams are now using a faux lace collar. Also, are the Laval Rocket the only team in any pro league that uses just one set of numbers for the backs of all their jerseys, home and road?