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  1. I think I should have been clearer. The uniwatch item was talking about how they put the wrong socks on the mannequin. That’s all, just though you guys would like to see how it looks.
  2. For all you people arguing about bruins socks. Still ugly though. From uniwatch.
  3. Hey, you spelt Columbus wrong where North Carolina is. Other than that, pretty sweet looking.
  4. I would purchase a Blue Jackets home and third if they looked like that. I don’t even like the Blue Jackets.
  5. I remember way back in the day before the Edmonton Oilers first re-brand to navy. Around that time the Edmonton Sun or Edmonton Journal had a bunch of mockups about what their new look could be. They had a green and gold one like the Eskimos and I remember a really crazy one with a modified logo and stripes that made an O on the jersey. Anyways, one of the other mockups was black and orange and seeing how Ducks look now I think that would have looked cool on the Oilers.
  6. Tucson Roadrunners will be wearing Phoenix Roadrunners jerseys
  7. I was always under the impression that soccer teams change their look every year because the manufacturers release new templates every year.
  8. There is something about the chest and forearm of that logo that looks odd. All I can see is Ninja Turtles when I look at that area.
  9. Juventus rolls out a pink alternate every so often.
  10. Nothing to do with your concept but am I missing something with Calgary? Is there a military tradition there or are they named to go along with a horse theme? The CF base is in Edmonton, just seems weird to me that Calgary would be military themed.
  11. I would possibly be more inclined to purchase the book if you used the Amazon feature that allows us to view a few sample pages from the book.
  12. They honestly look like their decorated with sheets of printer paper. Especially that white Korea one.
  13. joepro

    Fixing the CFL

    This is going to be a lot different than the majority here but I think the black looks good with the Eskimos and they seem kind of plain without it. Also, I secretly miss the polar bear logo they had for a couple years around 1996. But I was a child of the 90s so I love all that zany :censored: because I grew up with it.
  14. Why are so many people on this forum so against anything that is not a boring block number font? Sports are supposed to be fun. Might as well have some fun with the uniforms.