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  1. Even though I have relatives at a rival company, this is a solid upgrade. The mismatching line lengths always bugged me. As for the color backgrounds, I'd assume they'd outline it like the previous logo.
  2. Looks like the Carolina League franchise will be the Fayetteville Woodpeckers.
  3. So I listened to all your feedback and after a few tweaks, I feel this time I got much more right. I centered the lighthouse, which I didn't want to do at first, but now it looks SO much better, as well as actually using the lighthouse, sending out beacons(?) of light. I also attempted to invert the colors of the wave, which I think looks a lot better, and more oceany instead of snowy. Another thing I tried was making the background black, and the rest red to give it more of a hurricane feel. Neither of those worked out. Panthers, you posted your comment as I was writing this up, so your suggestions will come in the next wave (pun intended). Also, I find this very ironic making a concept for the Hurricanes in a hurricane. Matt
  4. So, since everyone is posting Canes concepts, since I actually like the Canes as well as living in Raleigh, should be able to throw my hat into the ring. I've actually known what I wanted to do for weeks now, but today was the day I finally got around to executing it today. The two things I dislike are the empty space on the left, as well as the whole outline/wave thing. If you have anything to help these critiques before I submit it, please let me know. Thanks, ECUFan25
  5. It actually got blocked by TJ Watt Congrats Pitt, you didn't lose to Cleveland.
  6. I unknowingly actually saw this jersey in action last night. There is a player number on the top left-hand side of the jersey. I will admit that I was not a fan of the jersey, but the cap looked great.
  7. These are actually really good. The only nitpick would be to have the sleeve pattern on the clash be more sublimated like on the main, and not just white with yellow over it. Also, most collegiate soccer jerseys do not have sponsors, it's just a number.
  8. I swear powder blue just looks good with literally any othercolor
  9. Turns out I accidentally exported it without saving it, may be a while before v2.
  10. Whilst I wait for comments on my soccer series, I took a shot at arguably the worst D-1 logo, the LIU-Brooklyn Blackbirds. Yeah. Ew. The font is kinda meh, but the logo really sets it apart from all the others, and it looks like it was drawn by a 5-year-old in MS Paint. So what can we do to fix it? I just razed the whole building and started over, at the removal of Brooklyn and making it just Long Island University, as a new era in the history of athletics (I realize Post Is there but does anyone really care about them?). Second, The new logo is much different and draws some inspiration from the most recent upgrade of the UNC-Wilmington logo as well as the aptly-named Blackbird fighter jet. There is also a newer, cleaner font. Third, I tried a new court, based on NYC herringbone subway tile in the apron. I tried sublimating the bridge in, but it wouldn't work that well. I had uniforms, but just never liked the way they turned out, I may post later if something is figured out. I could also do other sports, a la baseball or hockey. C&C appreciated!
  11. Resident ECU expert here I agree with this statement 100%. However, considering the stroke width, I am not sure about the legibility of it in a TV environment. However, then it may look like a bunch of random stripes on the pants, which may be equally as bad. Also, please switch back to our old athletic gold, and not this borderline volt shade. I mean we only have to deal with it for 2 seasons as it said in the contract that’s how often we get a new set, but if we really are one of adidas‘ "prime schools“ then I can’t assure we‘ll go back. One thing they did do right is not extrapolate the font size on the jerseys since this is the first season we‘re putting ECU on the front instead of East Carolina. Oh well, it’s not like we‘ll be on TV for anyone to see them, except for the 18 fans who show up to our games.
  12. Chicago is here and we have a jersey I made recently! The home jersey symbolizes the flag and heritage of Chicago, while the clash is a model of the uniforms of the Chicago Fire Department, for which the team was named for. C&C appreciated and tell me who I should do next!
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