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  1. Group A: Jersey Designs NOTE: AFTER ALL DESIGNS ARE DONE THE TOURNAMENT WILL BEGIN C&C is always appreciated, thank you.
  2. I plan on doing this annually, next year I was planning to expand to either Russia, Slovakia or Great Britain.
  3. I chose France and Denmark because the clubs in those countries single handedly would have a difficult time competing against other European clubs (this mostly applies to France), However Denmark has great hockey players' non the less but the teams in their leagues I feel would struggle as well. So that's why I decided to have a National All Star Teams representing the spots of the clubs. IMO.
  4. I recently caught interest in the CHL (Champions Hockey League), A tournament where the best clubs in Europe compete. I thought I would try to make a "European Super League". So I went and found 2 teams from the following leagues SHL, Liiga, Czech Extraliga, DEL, GET-ligaen and the Austrian Ice Hockey League. France and Denmark will get League National Teams where they select the best players of national origin from their country's leagues to represent at the ESL. So I present to you the 2016 European Super League. The Stars on the crest represent the founding countries (Austria, Czechia, Denmark, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland) Team Pools All The Team Jerseys will be released another day. C&C is always appreciated, thank you.
  5. Really loving these ideas, my only complaint on your newer ones is STL. The jerseys are great it's just that the crest on the away would *imo* look better if it were the darker blue. Great work nonetheless.
  6. For the home I was not looking for it to be the flag, that's why the Gold and Red are higher up on the crest. but I understand what you mean. thanks for the C&C.
  7. Now the Jerseys. Team Switzerland The jerseys are inspired from mixing ideas of the IIHF and Olympic jerseys. Team Germany Again taking some ideas from IIHF some designs, others are personal. C&C is appreciated, cheers.
  8. I'm a big fan of international hockey, I find it so entertaining to watch. The players, fans and sport are all so different then what I can normally watch from the NHL's point of view. So I decided to make some concepts on none World Cup teams. (Except jerseys are made by Nike, and I may make WCH team after) I need a break from Adidas. So I'll start by releasing the logos first then jerseys afterward some other time. C&C is always appreciated. Thanks. Team Switzerland A national symbol, the Greek Cross. The Swiss have worn and flown it for centuries, and now it gets a modern touch for the modern team. Team Germany The German Eagle is a proud symbol of the German people and has been for a long time, a simplified coat of arms brings a more modern look.
  9. Two ways I've done this is sketching and using photographs. Sketching: just redraw the logo (for example) and add colour. Photograph: Use your or an image online, for example this bulldog. and use the line tool and carve out the image and add custom details and so.
  10. I love the series idea, and judging by your ducks concept these are going to be really nice, no complaints.
  11. Hey guys, I'm here just to post this logo design I made for my school. I would like some C&C for the design before I submit it. Cheers. (made with PaintDOTNet)
  12. All of these are great, love the Colorado 4th. can't wait for more.
  13. Yeah, I was planning on alt's after all the home and aways were done. But thanks for the C&C.
  14. Thanks for C&C, yeah, I may have made it a touch too small. I was looking at my Minnesota Wild jersey for a reference (which the logo is quite small, compared to others). cheers.