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  1. A head to toe look at the "House Special" uniform
  2. House Special Edition Inspired by the bold flavors and colors of New Orleans’ famous frozen Daiquiris
  3. I uploaded the template here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5c0owy9fzj0cg74/Nike_Football_Template_Vapor_Untouchable.psd/file I originally got it from here: https://loganweavermedia.com/2019/07/21/nike-vapor-untouchable-concept-templates-ai-and-psd-2/ but it looks like the download link no longer works.
  4. Mardi Gras Edition The Mardi Gras set brings back the pinstripes, familiar to NOLA’s basketball fans. The stripes take on the colors of Mardi Gras and the shape of the celebration’s beads.
  5. City Edition The lettering and cream and blue colors of the city uniform are lifted from the tiles that mark New Orleans’ streets
  6. Made it in illustrator and incorporated their "NO" alternate logo
  7. New Orlean's current uni set is a bit bland for a city with such a vibrant cultural and architectural history. The primary set features the city’s iconic wrought iron work down the side of the jerseys and shorts. "New Orleans" is shortened to "NOLA" on the navy and white uniforms. This set drops the awful, in my opinion contrasting collar. Association Icon Statement
  8. Boston College Under Amour has blessed the Eagles with some bland templated uniforms BC's new look features sublimated stripes inspired by the Flutie era sleeve striping Wings wrap around the shoulders, replacing the amateur looking shoulder caps Traditional striping returns to the pants with the same sublimated pattern from the jersey BC tops off the look with a gold chrome shell, new helmet striping, and a maroon satin facemask
  9. Auburn Nothing crazy for the Auburn The Tigers add outlines to their numbers and add orange britches
  10. Colorado State The Rams move to the segmented horns full time A subtle reflective tonal horn motif wraps around the shoulders Numbers replace the duplicative horns on the shoulder caps The orange of Colorado A&M replaces the gold on the Ram's Aggie's alternates
  11. Temple The Owls take on a bold new look that draws inspiration from the past A wide northwestern stripe adorns the shoulders, a nod to a look from the 70s The Owls helmet features a chrome facemask and diamonds, an iconic symbol of Temple The diamonds continue down the leg sublimated inside of the wide northwestern stripe The numbers are applied in the style of their "T" logo
  12. South Carolina Nike outfits the Gamecocks with exotic new uniforms Feathers explode out of the neckline and wrap around the shoulders SC adds black/garnet and white/garnet pearlescent helmets
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