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  1. Boston College Under Amour has blessed the Eagles with some bland templated uniforms BC's new look features sublimated stripes inspired by the Flutie era sleeve striping Wings wrap around the shoulders, replacing the amateur looking shoulder caps Traditional striping returns to the pants with the same sublimated pattern from the jersey BC tops off the look with a gold chrome shell, new helmet striping, and a maroon satin facemask
  2. Auburn Nothing crazy for the Auburn The Tigers add outlines to their numbers and add orange britches
  3. Colorado State The Rams move to the segmented horns full time A subtle reflective tonal horn motif wraps around the shoulders Numbers replace the duplicative horns on the shoulder caps The orange of Colorado A&M replaces the gold on the Ram's Aggie's alternates
  4. Temple The Owls take on a bold new look that draws inspiration from the past A wide northwestern stripe adorns the shoulders, a nod to a look from the 70s The Owls helmet features a chrome facemask and diamonds, an iconic symbol of Temple The diamonds continue down the leg sublimated inside of the wide northwestern stripe The numbers are applied in the style of their "T" logo
  5. South Carolina Nike outfits the Gamecocks with exotic new uniforms Feathers explode out of the neckline and wrap around the shoulders SC adds black/garnet and white/garnet pearlescent helmets
  6. Navy The Midshipmen's new uniforms feature chevrons on the shoulders evoking the same shape of naval ranks The players' names move to the front of the uniform mirroring that of their dress whites Their numbers are inspired by the numbers features on their ships Navy's helmets add their anchor logo full time, similar to last years fauxbacks
  7. By popular demand: A white Northwestern stripe for NU
  8. Cincinnati The Bearcats get three new jerseys and pants The jerseys features the teams oversized logo on each sleeve that spills over onto the the top of the shoulders The pants feature a faux belt, a uniform feature which has been phased out in favor of elastic or drawstring waistbands The stripe on the pants matches the curve of the "C" in the Bearcats' log
  9. Notre Dame The Irish resign with the Three Stripe Brand I think Adidas' best uniforms are simple, in part due to their template The pants take on a more traditional gold shade, similar to other Adidas teams, replacing the abrasive color they wear today
  10. Northwestern The Wildcats build upon the chest stripe design from their UA days Black is removed from the uniforms in favor of tonal stripes The new stripes are larger and now wrap around the body Northwestern's iconic stripes are featured prominently on the two helmets The new purple helmet sports a satin finish Chicago's Big Ten team features the stars of the Chicago flag on the inside collar
  11. Updating these series to include other Under Armour schools. Wisconsin The Badger's shoulder stripes move forward (the state motto) on to the front of the jersey building on the motif introduced by UA The badgers keep their slick font from their UA days Subtle sublimated stripes on the front of the jersey are a nod to the sweater worn by Bucky Badger The stripes come to a point evoking the roof of the Wisconsin Field House an iconic feature of Camp Randall
  12. Under Armour just told UCLA they want to end their deal. How would the bruins look in Nike digs? Nothing ground breaking here... New Colors inline with the rest of UCLA's teams New Helmet striping Updated gold helmet that takes on the new color and satin finish The current helmets are a disgusting shade Truncated Nike style UCLA Stripe Maybe not a popular opinion, but I think the bold truncated stripes look much better than what they wear today
  13. "Indy" City Jersey Concept The chest mark comes from the visit indy logo and sculptures in the city. Inspiration came from Conrad Burry and Jarrod Campbell on Twitter and pacers uniforms from the 70s.
  14. I agree. I was thinking the seams would look similar to the Buck's city jerseys rather than just sublimated.
  15. In 49 states it's just basketball, but this is Indiana. This mashup jersey draws inspiration from the rich history of Indiana high school basketball which is woven into the fabric of the state's sporting culture.