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  1. "Indy" City Jersey Concept The chest mark comes from the visit indy logo and sculptures in the city. Inspiration came from Conrad Burry and Jarrod Campbell on Twitter and pacers uniforms from the 70s.
  2. I agree. I was thinking the seams would look similar to the Buck's city jerseys rather than just sublimated.
  3. In 49 states it's just basketball, but this is Indiana. This mashup jersey draws inspiration from the rich history of Indiana high school basketball which is woven into the fabric of the state's sporting culture.
  4. 2020 Stadium Series Game Striping on LA's gray jerseys is inspired by the paint jobs of WW2 allied planes. The jersey is finished with a chrome monochromatic logo and military-inspired numbers. Striping on Colorado's navy uniforms draws inspiration from the Air Force's National Star Insignia. The uniforms feature chrome numbers and lettering across the chest. Each player's jersey features a unique ribbon stack that highlights their nation and achievements.
  5. 2020 Winter Classic All striping and applications on each uniform is a cotton felt-like fabric as a nod to the Cotton Bowl. Nashville's uniforms are inspired by the Dixie Flyers. The city's music history is seen in the eighth note in the "Nashville" script and the six strings featured on the yellow stripes. Dallas's home white uniforms take cues from the Dallas Texans.
  6. Vegas Golden Knights I was inspired by the third jersey I created for Vegas to update my previous take on their Home and Road Jerseys.
  7. Here is an alternate "wild" idea I had for Minnesota
  8. Vegas Golden Knights "Vegas Lights" Third | Heather pattern throughout the jersey
  9. Colorado Avalanche Third
  10. Florida Panthers Third
  11. Ottawa Senators Third
  12. Minnesota Wild Third
  13. Tampa Bay Lightning Third | Features metallic embossed sleeve stripes
  14. Buffalo Sabers Third
  15. LA Kings Third