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  1. The Jazz could make a more conservative sunrise uniform (maybe use it in panels, numerals, etc) and switch nicknames to Bobcats and make me happy. Everything about their current brand screams New Orleans.
  2. now add yellow pants as an option with this helmet and top, and you're really cooking
  3. aftter I've let these cool off, I like them. Nothing fancy about the design, but they're a nice modern version of the look from the 80s/90s. Just because they duplicate with other teams doesn't mean it doesn't look like the Jets. I never understood the fondness of the green helmet era of yesteryear, but a lot of people preferred it over the classic look. In a way, they gave Jets fans what they've asked for.
  4. the problem is the feel of the helmet is completely detached from the feel of the uniforms from head to toe.
  5. Elongated triangular stripes are such a common and generic design element, especially on the concept boards, that my first reaction was underwhelmed. It seems like if the helmet is the wordmark and ball that it's going to look pretty bland, but the helmets will shine. I am a sucker for big chest wordmarks, and like the motion feel of the font. These are super 2000sy, but I'll accept them just fine
  6. are the wordmarks centered? that's what's bugging me right now
  7. Jealous of the Charlotte Hornets. Their uniforms aren't that great, but their branding is my favorite in professional sports.
  8. At one point the Georgia Dome was slated to have renovations to open up the stadium and let in some natural light.
  9. Everything below the neck SCREAMS of EA Sports Madden NFL create a team feature, and that is not a good thing
  10. I am sexually attracted to this thread
  11. J F C dude This might be the best concept package I've ever seen on these boards. The details are PERFECT.
  12. The Braves radio announcer Ben Ingram Tweeted that he has seen the new Braves uniforms and can't wait to unveil them. Definitely makes it sound like there's going to be noticable changes across the board
  13. Nike certainly made us uncomfortable with these uniforms, but I think they normalized quickly and are great, unique, modern uniforms. Cleveland makes the cut if it's not for the wordmarks on the pants. Overall, if you squint, the Browns uniforms are pretty good. I even love the contrasting stitching.
  14. One of the greatest rebrands of all time -- from an absolute dumspter fire to a brand that is beautiful, distinct and true to the city/identity. The color adjustments on both the teal and the orange are improvements in my opinion, and I love the way they blend and pop off the black. Much like what we have gotten with the Heat's city uniforms and even the new Miami MLS club ... Miami has found its aesthetic, and it's fantastic. These, plus the aesthetic improvements to the stadium, are so welcomed by this Braves fan