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  1. No, Color Rush had a huge part of it. Before, teams were restricted to three jerseys. But, since the league introduced the alternates, they loostened the rules to allow them to wear the uniforms at their preference any game, any time. The white socks, white shoes that were forced into the league when teams were going all-white during the program (because the color on color bounced back in their face) came from that and are now a trend.
  2. if it wasn't for Color Rush we wouldn't have: teams choosing to wear horrible uniforms as alternates, especially in prime time or the stupid white sock trend. Damnit Color Rush.
  3. I don't think the Seahawks have a bad look. The radical design has really grown on me over the years, and honestly every combination of jersey and pants looks complete. I would even enjoy if they wore the green jerseys and green pants with navy socks.
  4. Everyone's losing their flash with this white socks fad taking shape across the league. A lot of road uniforms are completed by socks. Right now road uniforms are just numbers and helmets.
  5. I was just told from a third party who knows someone that works for the UGA program that the black jerseys "are a go," then UGA equip Tweets out a photo of the red jerseys saying "Keep the main thing the main thing." Honestly this is annoying. Just wear them twice a year and stop making it a big deal.
  6. Don't really see why there needs to be yellow in the jersey. A lot of uniforms from the past are a combination of colors that are divided between different elements, but balance in the end.
  7. The Panthers are wearing silver-blue-black-black tonight. And I love it. Don't @ me.
  8. Perfection for the Titans. Love the stars on the jerseys -- such a subtle but unique element
  9. Falcons just released their uniform schedule -- black jerseys for Titans, Seahawks and Saints. Not slated to wear read on the road at any point. And gosh darnit, another year without black pants as a road option. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ On a positive note, the black jerseys were posted front and center on the social graphic they posted. At the least, their social team is very aware that fans prefer the traditional style versus the stale arena league crap. I really hope Arthur finally comes to and makes a change.
  10. Also here to say it would be cool if the Rams wore a gold/blue combo for home games and white/blue combo for road games.