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  1. Thank you guys so much for the feedback! I value all input. Eventually will begin some tweak based on your comments as well, but want to keep the ball rolling. Here are the alternates for Houston.
  2. Bump for comments, a little dry over here. Want to get some feedback before moving on to the next batch. Thanks in advance!
  3. give me orange and brown
  4. Haha I hear that over and over. Thanks Tennessee! But, honestly there's such a history with the Texans name in the NFL and professional football that I think it has a place despite sounding super generic. I think their brand is one of the best in the league and I had a ton of fun tinkering with it with the concept.
  5. Houston Texans This is actually a re-hash of an old concept I did years ago, updated on the new Nike vapor template and with more of a Texas flag emphasis. Alts coming, just moving on from designing today -- my eyes hurt.
  6. Indianapolis Colts It's all in the details here. The Colts have looked essentially the same since '56 in Baltimore. Subtle grey is nod to uni when they moved. Sewn "INDIANAPOLIS" patch, stripes turned to look like racing stripes, extra facemasks for alternates.
  7. This is great, great, GREAT work -- especially the tweaks you have made to some of the wordmark and number packages. Texans font update is top class. I personally really enjoy the tweak for the Falcons because I believe in the concept they went with, they just kind of fumbled the execution. Bengals and Cardinals are a bit meh to me. Panthers are great! The pant design is a nice transition into something different. Really smooth and classy modern elements on all of these.
  8. Carolina Panthers I let the cat out of the bag w/ this one. Helmet is a gloss-gradient (more like a bowling ball than what the Jags did), iridescent numerals. #KeepPounding on collar and a "1 Carolina" logo on helmet bumper. Font leans into updated wordmarks.
  9. Steelers (Cont.) Concept B: Went wild with truncated slashes in the sleeves and pants, grey here and there and a grey chrome facemask. This is the more modern iteration, as well as the original concept I had sketched. It's different! Let me know which version you like more!
  10. Steelers (Cont.) Concept A: Subtle addition of the colors from the logo by placing the stars horizontally on the jersey chest, in lieu of a wordmark or patch, and traditionally striped socks in the colorway.
  11. Steelers (Cont.) Road versions of Options B and C (If it's worth nothing, I used to really dig the black/yellow/red Pittsburgh Pirates look from the 2000s, so there's some of that trickling into here)
  12. Now that I'm back in #FunEmployment I've got some time on my hands, so dusting off the graphic design dust. (You can also follow my concepts on Twitter) Pittsburgh Steelers The goals were to bolden the primary logo (thin keylines, small text resolved) and explore including red and blue in the uniform. I created four primary uniform options, so looking for feedback. Option A: In the current uniforms the sleeve design has kind of run its course (it doesn't fit on sleeve caps), so the universal striping is simplified. Added grey and chest wordmark. Option B: Another more traditional, simple look. To incorporate the colors, I ran a traditional sock pattern through all of the logo colors. Option This one is out there. A complete modernization, with a chrome facemask and some sleek sleeve and pant striping. Option To try something in the other direction, instead of adding colors I removed the red and blue and with went the traditional black and gold + shades of grey to tie in the nickname. (P.S. font is called Gunplay and is free for use)
  13. Hey guys! I did a quick mock up last night and just wanted to share. This Cardinals concept is a coincidental mix of the original colors of crimson and cream from the franchise's earliest days, the popular Arizona flag implementation into uniform elements (especially as we see in concepts on here), and wanting to give them something different than just the white and red. It's hard to showcase on a flat template but the helmet is bronze, numbers have a sheen to them. I actually thought the patch on the Rams uniform was a cool addition to the collars so I put the flag inside. I'm in the work day but I will flush these out with an away set later! Thanks for letting me share!
  14. The new Rams reporter for The Athletic is contending that the bone jersey is not the official away uniform and apparently required special approval from the league? (why, wouldn't it just be an alternate? Wouldn't the special approval be making it a road jersey?) I wonder if there's a white uniform that never made it out of production because of COVID so they are getting approval to wear the bone, or that an away uniform was so bad they scrapped it? Who knows But the bone jersey is an utter catastrophe. I have no idea what's going on with anything in it. The sleeves are so confusing. It doesn't look good.
  15. Oh, I don't have a hard time believing that AT ALL