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  1. That Ravens logo edit is fantastic. I would maybe add one more purple streak in there somewhere, but the balance is very good
  2. Every single Falcon logo edit I see in the previous few pages is worse than the real-life logo.
  3. That's where I think it's actually a matter of opinion. To me, I don't see those "swatches" as random. Also, my personal taste is I am all for teams doing things different (why put the wordmark bare under the collar every time? Why not be different?). Yes, I get the focal point of the Nike logo, but still -- the elements come from the lines in the logo itself, so they aren't random. There is intention there. Now compare that to the Titans armpit boxes and pant rombuses. Or the Browns' truncated stripes on the pants and the contrasting stitches. Or the Buccaneers' calculator numbers. The Seahawks uniforms, to me, are some of the most complete, air-tight uniforms from a design standpoint of the modern era. I freaking love them.
  4. Clean + detailed for me is a jersey that isn't gaudy, but the elements are subtle and unique. For example: The Vikings' new uniforms. They are way less busy than the previous uniforms, but still detailed -- the helmet paint finish, the black facemask to tie in the black in the logo, the stripe that is made to look like a ship sail, and the number font (some don't like it, but I love it). To the naked eye, it's just the Vikings. No bells and whistles. But the "detail" aspect means it's not just block numbers, traditional stripes and plain helmet shells. It still required detailing. The Lions new uniforms are in the same mold. I even feel that way about the Seahawks because "clean" to me is that there's no loose ends -- while their uniforms are drastically different, the elements tie into the logo and brand. What I would refer to as not clean and detailed would be the Buccaneers, Browns, and especially the Titans.
  5. I would like to see the Cardinals go in an even more modern direction. Any time I've seen people float around a bronze and darker red concept for them, I've loved it (much like the color scheme for the Coyotes or D-Backs). But modern isn't swoopy piping and sectionals anymore. A good modern uniform is clean, detailed and intimate to the brand. Yes, the Cardinals are the oldest friggin' team in the league, but they always looked like they were trying to find their identity after moving to Arizona -- especially when they just slapped the state flag on the sleeves. The simple, classic Cardinals uniform is one that makes me think of Chicago, or St. Louis, and I'm only 30. They tried to make themselves into thier own with the 2005 set, but they just scream of Reebok; they don't speak to the team's identity at all. They really don't have much of one.
  6. Okay, I actually laughed at this. But, if we are being serious, the Atlanta Falcons had a massive branding problem for years. A lot of it had to do with the simple aesthetic presentation of the team. When they played in Atlanta Fulton County the stadium had red and blue seats and blue walls, and the Falcons looked like they were renting the space. In the Georgia Dome, the only signage of significance was the endzones and logo at midfield, but the walls around the seating areas were grey, the façade outside was pink and teal, the seats were green. I know that seems like rambling, but I bring it up because Arthur Blank made a huge point to brand the team and the environment to finally feel like a professional team that the town cared about. Both in Atlanta Stadium and the Georgia Dome, when you went to a Falcons game it felt like they were just tenants and a sideshow. Blank's logo change wasn't just a logo change -- he took over the branding and exponentially increased the attention to detail in the dome to make it feel like the Falcons' home … red seats, repainting the dome red and black on the outside, paying for red and black signage and creating the ring of honor banners. The logo has a lot of sentinmental value because it speaks to a massive overhaul and the TLC Blank gave the club, and it translated into success. Even with the Vick disaster, the Falcons have made the playoffs 8 out of their 14 appearances since Blank took over in 2002. The new stadium had a ton of inspiration behind the same exact aesthetic themes that the 2003 logo. Look at my avatar … there is more than one version of the robo bird, lol. But seriously, when you see the 2003-Present logo, you see the love and care given by Arthur Blank. It's his logo. Those uniforms, those were also his stamp and a big reason why they lasted so long is because Blank identified with them. The old logo brings back reminders of lost seasons, and it literally from a design standpoint looks like a bird that is defeated. The entire purpose of the redesign was to create a logo that looked dignified, aggressive, and forward-moving and they achieved it. The current logo has so much sentimental value that it literally was built into the seats in the east end of the stadium as a major feature of the lower bowl that you see when looking out into the city. There is so much foundation built into the current brand, and the new uniforms were Blank relenting to pressure because they didn't age well. But the logo itself is very symbolic and empowering and means something to fans.
  7. I very much like the current Falcons logo. It's a logo, it doesn't have to look exactly like a bird. Fits well on a helmet -- which is the point -- and speaks to the vitality of the franchise under Arthur Blank, who undoubtedly took one of the most forgotten teams in sports and lifted it up. I think the "robo bird" has a lot of sentimental value, even for older Falcons fans. Yes, the old bird has become increasingly popular because throwback nostalgia is a powerful pyschological tool in sports branding these days, but I wouldn't consider the old logo better. Nor would I consider the current to be bad.
  8. The amount of Falcons fans I follow on Twitter who don't read and think the team is getting a new logo is, well, most of them.
  9. Let's make the horse blue. Right now in yellow it kind of gets lost in the shuffle. Need more contrast between the shield, horse and bolt
  10. I was kind of disappointed with how bad the yellow facemasks looked in games this season. When they announced them it was with the powder blue jerseys and done in some very-well balanced graphics from the social team that really made them pop. But, in games -- especially when worn with the white jerseys, which for some reason they were electing to wear at home, the yellow looked really awkward.
  11. Yep. Every time there is a new uniform announced, someone pretends to be an insider and just starts saying things to get clout and the boards fired up. Nothing in that explainer matches up with any of the directions the few details we have so far would indicate. Still thinking these are going to be simple, but edgy -- kind of more along the lines of the Lions and Vikings redesigns.
  12. Pacers and Jazz are great! I would go back to the drawing board with Milwaukee. That typeface is really rough on the eyes
  13. The Washington Sentinels had legitimately beautiful uniforms.
  14. I'd wait and see. If I've learned anything about sports uniforms it's that the only people to trust on info are the weirdos that frequent this sub. Everyone else just kind of says things.