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  1. Would easily be one of the best sweaters in the league, if the Jets wore them. For the captains patch what if you put it inside a poppy shape like so: Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!
  2. Looks great! I love the football playing leprechaun, but I would recommended rotating him a slight bit so it looks more like he is running than walking straight up. Keep up the good work.
  3. Gold and the Sun of May are both involved in my Uruguay concept, so I left those out of my Argentina design in order to create a distinction between the two nations' kits. Here's Japan:
  4. Hope you guys like Argentina (I promise this is the only kit with a gradient)
  5. They look like practice jerseys, hopefully this isn't what they go on to release. It's funny to think about how one franchise can go from having some of the most wild and out there uniforms, in the form of the Vancouver Grizzles, to one of the most boring and uninspired jerseys ever, in Memphis.
  6. Now for the 2018 Champions! I was not a fan of France's 2018 kit so I based my design on the nation's 2014 set up. I feel like France should wear a simple and classic kit so that's what I tried to achieve. As always C&C is appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, Australia's socks are now black. Close up Crests have been added.
  8. Thanks for the kind words! I made an early version of the German kit in the teal/green color but it looked to close to my concept for Mexico (stay tuned) so I opted with the more traditional green. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll make those edits and update today.
  9. Gonna keep the train going with team Australia, The homes are a simple take on Australia's usual kit. Bold yellow base, with green accents. There was a subtle dotting patterns in the green accents to mimic aboriginal patterns, but it seems the photo quality has decreased during uploading and those details are no mostly invisible now due to blurriness. For the away, I went for something totally new. I wanted to avoid just inverting the colors and having a green kit so I came up with a kit inspired by the Australian wilderness. Featuring "outback orange" (as Nike would probably call it) this kit mimics the many mountains and plateaus found on the island. C&C is appreciated, especially about the away kit, still undecided about how I feel about it myself to be honest.
  10. As promised team Sweden. I have always loved the simple two tone approach that all Swedish national teams take when designing their uniforms so I stuck with the classics. I did add new features though, including new stripes influenced by the Swedish national team hockey jerseys and a new crest based on the Swedish coat of arms. And here are the 2014 world champs, team Germany. The home kits are a mix off old and new, with the chevron design of the 2014 kit being combined with the flag color chest designs of the 80's. The Away kit is a modern take on the classic green clash kits that Germany was worn for decades. This jersey has sublimated chevrons all the way down the chest adding a new twist to an old classic. Both Kits have a new eagle crest with way more color than the boring badge the team currently wears.
  11. I agree about the number fonts. I find soccer leagues really limit themselves in overall design quality when they impose a mandatory font onto everyone. I think finding or creating unique fonts for each team can really improve your already good concepts and give them an extra flare that most soccer jerseys are missing.
  12. I suggest making the curves at the bottom of the R shorter. The bottom curves do a good job of differentiating your logo from the Redskins but I think that the curls throw the shape of the R off. I think shortening them just a bit can make your logo better resemble a cursive R while still providing distinction. Hope that helps, I'm excited to see the final product of this design and who knows maybe you could get your school to adopt the look.
  13. Hey, long time lurker, first time poster on these boards. I always wanted to contribute to these boards and this summer while watching the FIFA world cup I finally gathered any idea for my first post. Here are some world cup redesigns only a month late. The goal is to eventually redo all 30 teams but we'll see how it goes. I've got about 11 finished already. First up is the team I was rooting for, England. England had one of the better kits in the tournament in my opinion but there was still room to improve upon. I added stripes to the sleeves and shorts to keep the kit form feeling too plain and of course included a sublimated flag pattern on the red home kit. Finally, I get the symbolic reasoning behind the old logo but the three lions and ten roses really make things crowded, so I simplified the crest. I'm still new to this so C&C is more then welcomed. p.s. Sweden is the next team up.