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  1. Dale Jr. did race the Oreo car tho. He won the Busch Series Daytona race in it.
  2. I'm really digging the Sens and the Devils. Keep it up, looks great!
  3. I like it, really solid, modern but yet retro, which a lot of sports teams seem to be going with.
  4. These are all fantastic! I'm intrigued to see more from the teams that have less of a script logo to work off of.
  5. I just noticed there is a new Creamers thing for CCSLC this gives out awards. I don't know how the nomination process works or anything, but when I think of logos made on this forum, this one always comes to my mind. I know its also been like 5 years since a post has been made on this thread, but if its been 5 years and it's still in my head, isn't that noteworthy of the quality of the design.
  6. The is a big statue of the Oilers mascot outside Rexall Place.
  7. This logo has a lot of potential! I'd love to see it come forward and not finish with whats here now.
  8. Fantastic job man. That bulls logo is right up there with the Bills, Islanders, Lakers and Clippers for major league logos needing an upgrade. You nailed it perfectly!
  9. You should call the Halifax NHL team the Mariners instead of Acadians. I don't think Halifax is a very "Acadian" city and Mariners sounds better IMHO.
  10. I always thought Winnipeg Blizzard was a good name for a team of some sort.
  11. .JPEG images are garbage anyway! Avoid them AT ALL COST!
  12. Looks good man. Not a name that rolls of the tongue exactly but the New Orleans Pelicans doesn't roll of the tongue either haha. Great design. Pays home-age to the teams past logos too.
  13. Those are really sharp!! Only thing I don't like is the thickness if the inner most stripe coming up the jersey and the shoulder patch. I would use the diamond shaped logo for the patch.
  14. Maybe a darker red and more of it for accents and what not. Come up with a unique wordmark too. Maybe do a side profile shaped like a C like the old Cincinnati Stingers logo
  15. These are awesome!! The sens one was my favorite by far! It will be hard to top the wild wing jersey for the ducks tho!