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  1. I typically lurk more than I post and I don't necessarily think that it is a bad thing. I don't see there being a "lurker problem" that needs to be fixed. While you may want to have more response to your designs wouldn't you want to have as many people view it as possible regardless of the feedback you receive? I think if you have an absolutely huge need for feedback on your designs you should try to find some dedicated design forums and post your designs there. This forum does not have to be exclusively about people coming up with designs for feedback and artistic growth. Those are simply aspects that should be viewed as bonuses.
  2. Nice usage of the S.A.I.T. Trojans logo but I think I like it better in red and white.
  3. Um, there was no change whatsoever to the numbers on the Flames' red home jersey since it was introduced. The only change was to the names which switched from black with a white outline to black with a white outline.
  4. I agree that with a white/black/gold Flaming C and some consistency between each version's striping (home, away, alt)that the Flames' home jersey would be perfect. But, all things considered, the jersey is still really awesome (especially the Pro version with full gear).
  5. No manufacturers make cream coloured hockey helmets. Red helmets are made by all of the major manufacturers though.
  6. I only use Adobe Illustrator. It is the standard for vector artwork creation. I really wouldn't recommend using raster graphic software for designing logos as there isn't the same portability of logos across different mediums that is afforded to vector graphics software. If you design it in Paint, Photoshop or whatnot someone else will have to redraw the logos in AI or Corel Draw(bleh) in order to use them in other creative applications.
  7. You sure he'll be wielding a baseball cap? If so, I think that logo will be rather lame. I'd lay odds on the catfish wearing a baseball cap.
  8. Sorry, but you are wrong. Peter Karmanos, the owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, does not own the rights to the name Hartford Whalers or the logos associated with it. The name and the logos were awarded to the City of Hartford in a ruling to decide compensation regarding Karmanos breaking the lease he had signed for the Hartford Civic Center so that he could move the team to Carolina.
  9. Roger, I love what you've done with the Coyotes' jerseys. They look so much better now that more than one colour from the logo appears on the jerseys. The change is simple yet still maintains a classic look. All that being said, JQK will probably hate them.
  10. Announcer: He shoots and scores! He slipped it into the 5-hole. 5 Hole? That'd be tough without surgery and regular maintenance. 3 input is max...
  11. I think the biggest service could be done to the Lightning's jerseys (besides redesigning them altogether) would be to add silver trim between all the blue and black on their jerseys. The seperation would do wonders for the current wort jerseys in the NHL.
  12. Aw, he was eleven when he drew the logo. I don't know about you but colouring between the lines was something to be proud of at that age...
  13. And now I've gone and sprayed my monitor with diet coke...
  14. I was just browsing through their site and found this jersey. It made me