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  1. Big yes to the glitzy Giraffe motif. As garish and awesome as Miami Vice or the Biggie Nets, really.
  2. No worries. Just went and read that thread... man, you'll be a legend soon. I may post a pic on sunday, but I'm still mulling it over. I love some of the things that those people have said... they will soon be eating their words. you should post it!! And they will be eating their words big time... haha what made you the way you are...
  3. how about an all black with the stars as stripes?
  4. well, the flag of australia features 7 pointers, would be the point. I really like the white one, the positioning of the stars and the colours really work. not a huge fan of the reversing stars, but something does have to be done to differentiate them...
  5. horrifying. but somehow...
  6. Not a real fan of the original, buttttt I love the portland colours and the logo looks like it's right out elitserien, which is to say, pretty slick.
  7. Those colours! I... well, I just don't know. Could work for Vancouver - we still call it dope in Canada.
  8. I'm torn between suggesting the zombie should have a more blank expression or just sticking with the angry sports logo zombie... Love the colours tho.
  9. I like it. It's elegant and simple.
  10. Nobody else thinks its interesting that Michael Vick was being used to justify a logo change to a dog?
  11. i love it all, except the bum stripe.
  12. Removing the black? Like the black pants? Like, a perfectly acceptable use of black considering how ridiculous hockey pants look when they're coloured? Oh, and from the puck in the logo too by the looks of it... a nice Grey puck. Yikes. The shoulder Striping is huge and makes the jersey have two sets of stripes pointing at each other... which probably would have the effect of making the players look shorter... And Burgundy is key. Its what separates us from the animals... the 'nucks, the wings, the habs, the rags, the flames... another way to go would be to move towards Maroon, if you want something a little different. But hey, interesting idea.
  13. or, and more commonly, fleur-de-lis.
  14. Looks better, i don't much care for the orange in the actual logo (didn't a divisional rival JUST add orange to their scheme?).
  15. you're a very warped individual.
  16. Beak isn't very flamingo ish, it looks a lot more like a vulture/condor at the moment.
  17. beautiful. soooooo slick, soooo funky.
  18. Not terrible, but for the Avs... Burgundy is key.
  19. oooh. i really, really like that badge. Combines abstract with 'oh yeah, that's what that is' pretty perfectly. the est. isn't all that necessary tho.
  20. well, he's no clyde drexler, but things do seem to be looking up. nice edit.
  21. don't placate them like that. dirty devils fans.