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  1. So...Getting back to the Canucks jerseys has any found anymore leaks in the past 12-13 hours
  2. Hey, just wondering on what you guys think about Barry Bonds breaking the home run record of 755 dispite all the rumours
  3. I'm hoping its door #2 it looks way better
  4. This better not be some cruel joke. lol
  5. Decent looking, I think it has to many stripes though Other than that VERY NICE!
  6. Those are nice but maybe make the baby blue a bit darker
  7. Those aren't too shaby, I wouldn't mind buying one if those are the new jerseys
  8. Jeremy12

    Ottawa Senators

    Doesn't look that bad, but I don't like the white jersey for some reason
  9. Jeremy12

    Washington Capitals

    Too many stripes it makes it look like the Oshawa Generals jerseys
  10. maybe a few more things fixed on it and it will be an awsome logo
  11. Who made those jerseys? England Wins, from the CDC forums. Which you'd know if you clicked on the link your quoted. England wins stole my Johnny Canuck logo and recoloured the All Star jersey. He didn't "create" jack. sorry to say but I think all those jerseys are ugly, well they're not ugly they're just not god looking
  12. Use this logo and the same colours with the original pattern of the stick/rink jersey. I don't like all the curvy lines. So, your saying on the sleves make the line straight?