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  1. Despite the huge soccer ball, I loved the old Sydney badge, especially the color combo and the uncommon overall shape. The new one is pretty nice, but why is there a need for the left side to darker than the right? why is it split down the middle? also it clearly lacks a real 3rd color as it's all shades of blue and white/grey
  2. FINALLY a fitting color combo and non standardized design with an American flair on top of it. Fingers crossed, the real one(s) and overall uniform turn out in a similar way. I'd buy a lot of US Soccer merch if that's the case. Haven't bought a thing since almost 7 years because of the old terrible logo, crappy colors etc.
  3. Nice work, very good looking update, agree about leaving the pale light blue out, altogether.
  4. If you read the fine print, the funny internet ones (McFooty Face, Bad Hombres etc) will all be elegantly put to rest... SoccerCitySD will submit the top 10 names to MLS - who then in turn checks the branding stuff, naming rights etc and then will weed out all of these more or less funny proposals swiftly leaving us with a couple of others to vote for.
  5. good Fire away Atlanta home Dynamo Home Union away (despite the monochrome logo) Timbers home Quakes home NE Revs away (usually not a fan of halfed kits, but this one isn't bad at all) NYCFC (that navy+orange instead of white makes it much better) Orlando home meh Impact away (rather bland, don't like the grey triangle and the red sponsor color irks) bad/ugly SKC home (wtf, interrupted stripes vs circles is the undoing, white instead of dark blue also a downgrade) DC United away (that ugly failed muscle pattern, and only halfway done) Whitecaps home (the pattern itself and one of the most stupid marketing narratives ever) waste of money RSL away (some catalogue gear + logos slapped on, no team colors) Galaxy away (what's the point of a 2nd blue/blue/blue one in a row?! could at least made the adidas shoulder stripes gold or so, the 2 line 2 tone sponsor also sucks)
  6. I really like the colors (would love a touch of orange tough ) and overall clean uniform design, but the logo itself, not so much. The logo should have some kind of SD iconography (as the Sockers current logo does, with the unmistakable SD skyline and Coronado bridge) and a bit more focus on San Diego, rather than the team name. the San Diego Soccer Club actually has a pretty cool logo too. overall shape similar to the SD city seal Iconograpy Sun/Palms/Beach and Balboa Park or some typical local architecture San Diego font looks kinda neat with the little edges
  7. That color flip for the Galaxy's league badge irked me a lot as a fan, hope they undo the change, as in all league banners (Drafts etc) it's still always blue and gold and not blue and white or gold and white. Looks better the old way too.
  8. the 2 bottom ones are the the exact mock up of what I thought it should look like when I first saw the logo leak last year. would still look generic, but at least flag wise correct with white on blue and not the other way around. (if gold, should be a darker one tough, not so much on the yellow side)
  9. You should probably switch the LA Galaxy right back to blue. While their primary uni might be white, their primary color for marketing, the MLS combine banner or stadium branding is blue/gold. Also for some unknown reason their MLS shield colors changed from blue/gold to blue/white, but only for the primary. Anyway the TFC secondary looks like a Fire secondary jersey with that red stripe... Love the new Dallas primary tough. Any MLS jerseys still missing or was that the last one?
  10. Logo The new Logo is an upgrade, but what a missed opportunity to not use the shape of the 1950 crest - which was also used in slight variations for all but the 1993 follow up logos. Just the shape itself screams USA. (Highway Roadsigns for example) Jersey This leak image looks slightly better, but the neck blue collar trim on the red side bothers me as well, should just have made it all black. Wonder how it will look from behind. I don't like split jerseys at all, hoping it's all black and just the sleeves itself are red/blue.
  11. thread bump, new USSF logo coming very soon (probably Monday as USSF folks like Gulati are back in the US) and just prior to MLS kicking off their season. + the darker colors -the uSa font -the uSa blue on white, should be the other way around missed opportunity to not use the shape of the 1950 crest - which was also used in slight variations for all but the 1993 follow up logos. Just the shape itself screams USA. (Highway road signs for example)
  12. LA Galaxy's new primary likely has a blue & gold sash (see Gio Dos Santos Video from MLS Media day) also, the shorts have a blue monochrome logo, which further confirm the leaked adidas catalog from a couple of months ago.
  13. Oops, DC's is on Dec 10.
  14. If I remember correctly DC United will unveil their updated logo today and LAFC on January 7th.
  15. I'll buy an All Star Jersey for the 1st time ever it seems, love it very much! I've always wished US Soccer would use a Star as a logo shape and combine it with some sort of sash. MLS Next Logo colors obviously. But yeah it's an odd color clash with white blue Tottenham.
  16. MLS 2016 leaks I much prefer the 3 stripes on the sides, rather than the sleeves, as not having them at all is not an realistic option.I dislike they generic grey/black rain/stadium jacket, polos, shirts for every team. Fingers crossed it's just the template and the colors are a placeholder, as the color combination or so wasn't finalized yet.MLS vests yay, have been waiting a long time for one!I'm going to spend a lot of $ on some of these items. Most of the items with the team colors really look fantasticLA Galaxy If the thumbnail picture is an idication the new LA Galaxy primary will be yellow with a blue monochrome logo?!
  17. love your LA Galaxy ones! Have been wanting a white/gold version for a long time now, but would prefer it to be their strong orangey-yellow gold tough to the gold metallic. Blue and gold just rocks anyway. Generally love the championship years tag at the bottom, as well as the 5 stripes sash. Not a fan of the monochrome logo, prefer the regular one.
  18. Ben7

    Formula One 2015

    Can't wait to see your ideas. Looking forward to it a lot, especially Sauber F1 Team and Haas F1 Team . Also, would love if you could do a Lamborghini Fantasy F1 Team
  19. Portland: the colar shape and color going down is bothering me with the chevron coming upwards. But I like that they try to introduce more local or iconic elements into the base design, also upgrade with the 2ndary logo. As for LA, they will be getting a new secondary this year. the primary (will just get the new MLS logo and the 5th star), also no 3rd is planned. Hoping they go with blue and a gold sash of some sorts. (a sash made ouf of stars if I get my wish)
  20. no 3rd kits in MLS according to Jonathan Tannenwald (sorry can't link tweet it from work) hoping for a nice blue & gold for LA...
  21. Can one of you make a quick mock up with the 2nd half aka right empty half having watermarked/indicated hexagonal patterns (soccer ball and goal nets) Would work with all colors, being a soccer thing without a ball/player silhouette
  22. like crest shape colors (US and Canada combined) slogan "Club, Country, Community" most club colored versions look nice don't like the outside the crest slash part stand up leg the empty 2nd half... no more country flag on sleeve it feels unbalanced, at least could have put hexagons (goalnets/ball pattern), or slightly shaded/visible lines in it would have loved if they could have incorporated a white star (blue blackground) red maple leap (white background) and 1 other icon (soccer ball or player silhoute etc.) instead of the 3 stars in it. Maybe would have looked too cluttered. Could anyone with some skills can do a quick mock up?
  23. Hopefully the new MLS logo it's not that t-shirt version. Would be a huge downgrade. It has that weird see-trough ball with the colors in the background and the main focus the MLS Cup trophy instead of soccer/football theme. Don't really mind the current MLS logo, even if it's overdone with the ball shades and other stuff there. They improved over the years with the outline and by doing away with Major League Soccer + MLS and just using MLS. Barring a renaming too, they should stick with just MLS. The admiral's mock up is a nice improvement of the current one. I'd like if they include a nod to US/Canada somehow (just colors or elements like stars/stripes, maple leaf etc.) Interestingly MLS since more or less 12/18 months I guess mostly uses monochrome logos. Probably in relation to the new Logo which was once rumored a year or so ago and not just a design fad.
  24. very intersted and well done concepts Would it look too Captain America-ny if you had the white/blue reversed, so it's a white star like on the flag, as well as the stripes horizontal instead of vertical?