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  1. new tease. can't say I'm wild about the numerals. anyone make out the shoulder?
  2. As to the point about the Jumpman - MJ is the school's most notable alumnus, and the Jumpman brand has moved to baseball and football as well. Are they manufacturing jerseys yet? No. But UNC does use Jumpan cleats, shorts and shirts for practice gear. Its not an illogical leap to move to actual jerseys as well. As far as black - I'd tend to agree with you about whether or not it should be used at UNC. But your matter of fact tone that it has no place makes you seem like a bit of an ass, considering they have a blackout game scheduled this year (@ home against Miami). Additionally, a good number of fans like the idea of a rams horn helmet, so I threw it out there. UNC features the ram as a primary logo, so its your one to one comparison is off base - further, the ram nickname/mascot stems directly from the football team and the UNC student body wanting to have something substantive to represent the team. I've done a mix and match concept before ( here - http://imgur.com/a/2FPS1#0 ) and this time I wanted to put more focus on the way certain alternate colors went with primary schemes. I had the previous concept to inform me how the large color blocks would look together. As far as colors go, other than the black and pewter, they are all the official colors from UNC's marketing department.
  3. to be honest, I was more interested in the color blocking than striping patterns. those can go any which way, and I'm more trying to visualize whats actually going to be coming out of Nike's box in a couple months.
  4. Larry Fedora, since being named head coach of UNC football, has frequently been quoted as saying that he wants UNC to become the 'Oregon of the East'. Changes are definitely on the way for the upcoming season, but I thought I'd play around with all the official colors available via the UNC marketing department. Because that involves 28 different combos (not crazy differences, but certainly differences) I've just posted them to a imgur album. http://imgur.com/a/4r1Tg#0
  5. This isn't quite Carolina blue, it is a little more royal than 278. I get what you are saying, but I don't think electric blue is anybody's color other than the 90s. I think it makes the current jerseys/brand look highly dated. If I had some more time, I'd redo the logo as well, as I think it needs some serious tweaking as well. Can't take credit for the numbers, I think I got the idea from a concept I saw on here awhile back (but no clue when). Thought about putting the shoulder logo on the helmet, just wanted to have the 'official' logo on the lid, reign things back towards the more traditional after the asymmetry in the shoulders / claw marks on the numbers, etc. Really appreciate the CC everybody.
  6. Just a quick Nike Carolina Panthers design - made the blue a little less electric and made the black more of a charcoal.
  7. Thanks everybody. The eyes have been a huge pain, and swapping out the snake eyes I guess should be my next step. Other than the slit, I'm guessing the shape is good? I had made the eye a green (the HS is strictly black and gold) but wanted to present a logo that was only black, gold and white.
  8. The choice between Old Gold and Varsity Gold is up to the school more so than it is me (teams have used both). Hoping to get it adopted across all sports teams. C&C would be much appreciated.
  9. JWoods077

    UNC Football

    As a Carolina fan I'm a bit conflicted - some football die hards typically don't really like argyle to be placed on the jersey...and I think most applications trying to do so look a little out of wack. That being said, I think it would be a good idea to utilize argyle throughout the athletic program because its distinctive, and quite frankly, can look great if done right. So I tried to implement the argyle in a subtle way throughout the jerseys ... here goes:
  10. Would love to see a UNC / NC State matchup.
  11. JWoods077

    Trivia Night

    The idea here is a Trivia and Wing night at a local restaurant, the title of which is "Trivial Wings". So starting with this pig (and then an alligator and elephant) will be receiving wings for future pint glasses. I'm pretty happy with the logo right now but understand some good C&C could make it better. c&c much appreciated.
  12. Really enjoying this series. I'd agree with the font not being quite there for the Carolina concept...I'd also consider bringing the size of the circle down on the plane to make it less abstract and more like an actual plane.
  13. I think I prefer the streaked highlights on the emerald towers you had before the update.