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  1. Is Pawlenty's logo not just the Flying Elvis flipped and without a face?
  2. Definitely Option 2. Curious about what the logos going to be like.
  3. Nice rendering of the maple leaf. The font's bugging me. You're right about the serifs, and that might be the right font, but the lowercase letters don't work. At first, I thought maybe it was just a weird font, but then I saw the other draft. Whatever it is, it's way over my head.
  4. I'm so happy Kingfishers weren't picked for Halifax; we don't have Kingfishers here, but for some reason they are on the flag. Also, I don't mind the colors for the Admirals, but no one in Halifax actually knows what the flag looks like. There's only one in the entire city, and most people only know the colors from the Muncipality logo, and the public buses. On the subject of the league name, I don't know if I'm alone on this but calling the league North American and Continental seems a bit redundant.
  5. I didn't even notice that on the Blackhawks. Being on Paint I can't really outline it; should I use the Winter Classic logo? Also here's Buffalo: It looks like Chicago has actually used an alt like that... I don't know how that turned out, I'm just going by the logosheet on the main site. There's no real point in using the exact Winter Classic logo, because it's a throwback, but if you put a similar circle around the current logo, that would solve your problem. (but again, you're using paint)
  6. I think you could even double outline the blue eagle on blue jersey. I'm having trouble picturing it, but maybe gold around white? You have a similar problem with the black Blackhawks jersey. (Love the beige though.) The black hair couldn't stand out at all, if it wasn't for the unclean (?) render of the logo. Nothing to say about Kings and Canucks.
  7. That's definitely Conan O'Brien's head shape and it's really putting me off.
  8. I do seem to remember a very good fast food hockey league. It's actually quite recent, but I forget who did it.
  9. {click to enlarge} Thanks a lot, that's great. EDIT: I didn't even notice the stadium in the background until just now. Nice.
  10. Ricky Romero of the Blue Jays. 800x600 And could I have this logo in the circle.
  11. because he's tricky speaking of that movie, when has Iceland ever been a hockey power? A lot of people in Iceland have never heard of hockey. (Half-Icelandic, and wouldn't know how to hold a hockey stick)
  12. Being a native of halifax, i haven't noticed the changes because they haven't changed the signs outside of the Metro Centre yet.
  13. As a Jays fan, I have two suggestions. 1. Lose the racing stripes. If you want to give them back to a team like the Mets, I'm okay with that, but they're so hideous that in 2009, it's not time to start a new tradition. 2. The name to number size ratio is staggering. I don't think the nameplate font fits either for that matter, and while I'm at it, I prefer the actual number font from the era you're paying tribute to.
  14. OK, to answer your questions: 1. What is it missing? To put it simply, it's missing detail. Your first design had mountains with some imperfections, which was a nice touch. There were too many mountains, but by taking some away, you've created a PERFECT set of mountains. That isn't to say they mountains are rendered perfectly, but what I mean by that is that the mountains are all relatively the same. They are all perfectly lined in a row, and because of that, the design is too simple. My advice in this situation is to make some of the mountains overlap each other, instead of just having one mountain suddenly mesh into the other one. More detail that can be added: (but doesn't have to be) is some simple shading. For example, the Utah Jazz logo: In this logo, the mountains appear three-dimensional, which sounds like a hard effect to come by, when really all that they've done is color the mountains two colors. If that is executed properly, the mountains look a lot better. Also on the subject of detail, under the script Rockies, nothing is happening. There is a semi-circle. What benefits does this semi-circle pose? You could add the seams of a baseball, but that's basically what the Jazz did. As the semi-circle poses no real benefits, you may want to try one of three things: (just to see if it looks better) 1. Get rid of the semi-circle. Either do not have anything under the script, or put something else there. 2. Turn the logo into a shield. 3. Turn the semicircle into something. While these are some possible solutions, none of them may be right. The best solution may be to keep the semi-circle, although I would imagine there would be something a bit more appealing. 2. What needs to be changed? More detail on the mountains. Such as shading and creating small imperfections. The semi-circle under the script. Simplify the wordmark. Rockies is surrounded by: a thin black line, a white outline, a purple outline outside that, and a black outline outside that. I'm not sure if this is your doing or not, but surely we don't need four outlines! One or two should do it. 3. What are the strong points? The idea, like many ideas, has potential to be executed quite well. Just some fine tuning can turn just about anything into a fine design. The wrong tuning will put bad tastes in our mouths, but the right ones will leave a lot of people smiling. If you are willing to mess around with some details and spend time on a concept, (and you can take a lot of members here as examples) you can come up with professional looking final designs. Phew. I hope that is at least somewhat helpful.