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  1. Texas is outstanding ! Love the primary. I agree they need a all red hat and for fun Id like to see a white panel hat with a blue T to go with the red alt
  2. Vancouver Spirits hands down is my favorite and fits with what they have now. Only a couple minor tweaks Id like to see. Punch the green up a little, make it more vibrant and a bit different tone. Second I would make the Home Jersey the dark blue color. Just things i would like to see changed. These were all fantastic though, a tough choice.
  3. I love these. They are simple yet smart, classy and fit NYC perfectly. Yet I do miss the triangle , if there is a way to incorporate the background triangle is some way these would be perfect. Also the orange might not be the best shade but thats a small tweak.
  4. Solid concept, I like it a lot , but i would make a few changes to make it work better IMO . Make the main star proportions normal not stretched wide , bump it down so it is not in the way of the Columbus 2013 and then move the NHL crest to the middle of the star above the All Star Game and you have a winner
  5. I have actually been toying with that idea I agree and I tried it with a serif at the top but it didnt work to my liking and I was also trying to keep the Dallas font close to how it is now Also something I have been playing with every time I look at , I actually made it wider when I did my last update
  6. Love the one on the left, although I don't know if I'm digging the beveling on the star. I'd either lose the beveling all together, or give the D some depth as well. I was never fully sold on the bevel either , but in the earlier incarnation the star seemed to dull and I didnt know how else to make it pop. It may not need anything with the new design though.
  7. After all feedback on the recent update I think that the D logo is the one most people prefer. So now I think it comes down to colour scheme. The old North Stars inspired theme or the current Dallas Colour scheme tweaked a bit. Here are the 2 side by side to help you decide. I also did a couple Alt logo Ideas because it looks like I may take this concept all the way with jerseys and everything. C&C welcomed as always
  8. I like this a lot , great job !
  9. I agree it looks very Seattle / Saskatchewan esq with an S , so it leaves me with the D or maybe I try Stars instead of one letter
  10. Again thanks everyone for all the C&C I am glad it has been all pretty positive. I have made a second round of changes as per some of the ideas in the replies the biggest being use a D instead of an S so I made a couple with a D but couldnt decide which was better so I am posting both and I also did one using the old colour scheme of the stars now or at least close to it. A. B. C.
  11. Did an edit with some of the feedback taken into account. Ditched the black , tweaked the green and gold and added a bit of detail to the star. I think it is closer now to working as a primary. Anymore C&C welcomed !
  12. I didnt have black in it originally so I may try to swap it out again and play with the green/gold colours It actually started as a D instead of an S , but I couldnt find the right D to work with the star. I will give it another shot though and see what I can come up with I will give that a try I sort of agree with you after comparing it up against the current NHL primary logos , but I think there is a workable primary in there somewhere.
  13. I was browsing some logos on here as I am sure everyone does and came across this old North Stars logo I had never seen before, I feel like I should have seen it but for some reason hadnt I guess and I loved its simplicity and it looked like a logo that would fit in todays NHL branding. So it got me to thinking about the Dallas Stars and if there was anyway I could make a logo for them in sort of the same style. Here is what I cam up with. C&C is welcome , I am not a logo designer by trade really just something I play around with from time to time so be gentle. Logo Progression Latest updated logo Alt Logo Ideas
  14. Love the Columbus logo , you did a great job. Just a couple things I would change , I agree the helmet could be silver as suggested above. Also the shield pattern is a bit busy for my liking. Maybe use the Blue Jacket star ? Just a thought. But this whole series is awesome ! Great work