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  1. Love the thought and crisp execution, but that primary logo looks like a calligraphy pen. My eyes focus there, not on the M, the H, the diamonds or the ball. All I see is calligraphy pen.
  2. Salt Lake - love the logo and some relative effort on the font. San Antonio - looks like 2 separate logos sliced by the sword. no red on bottom, no white on top. red outline on top, no outline on bottom. not cohesive at all. I can live with AZ and SD. Not fantastic, but not disappointing either.
  3. EasleyK

    Super Bowl LIII

    Make sure the serifs are the same on all letters. The middle two IIs and the lower left serif on the last I don't match the rest. can you make the peach wider, less round? my mind keeps seeing a basketball. Maybe decrease the thickness of the green lines sectioning off the orange colors?
  4. Just a slight tilt changes the entire look
  5. Needs to be slightly italicized so it flows with Ucla. Looks far too stiff for a cursive letter.
  6. I can't stop trying to read letters in the face. W and L are unintentional, I'm sure, but now it's all I can see.
  7. I don't like how the right side of the wolf disappears behind the basketball line. There should be a wolf back/neck continuation going left to right, overlapping that ball center line.
  8. you, sir, win 2 internets.
  9. EasleyK

    WrestleMania XXXV

    work on the R to S loop a little. Thickness seems to vary a little and the shape coming out of the S is a little off.
  10. i think the trees need to be stood up just a little bit. I realize the trunks are at the same pitch as the letters, but with the left side of the tree tapering, because that's what trees do, it makes the trees appear they are falling down. Don't stand them all the say back up, but maybe enough that the left-side taper is close to or at the same angle as the letters
  11. I don't like the upside down sword handle on the back of the helmet. Make the blade stripe extend all the way through the helmet. It'll still hold enough of the sword look to prove the point.
  12. I just can't get past the upwards moving lightning bolt. I think something like this is more fitting.
  13. That Jimmy John's ride is going to be tight in the corners.
  14. By the time it gets to the feet, looks like a complete give up. Those are terrible. The full body looks like it has a clean break area if they ever want to make a head only logo.
  15. The HS he went to, Plano Sr High, has a strange tradition where all their QBs wear numbers in the 20s. He simply carrying that over.
  16. Can you do the logo for my daughter's softball team?
  17. your work is just sick. what i really like is the different threading techniques within the same patch. couldn't be any more real.
  18. any ideas what font this could be?
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