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  1. I too was a former student at SFSU... Sports wasn't really that big there, and the uniforms showed it; even though this commuter school has some well known football coaches who stopped by on their way to the major college and pro ranks. Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs), Dirk Koetter (Atlanta Falcons), Mike Holmgren, Bob Toledo.
  2. Fix the sleeve stripes on the 49ers...It drives me crazy. If the Packers or Bears can squeeze 3 sleeve stripes on these tech-fit jerseys; the 49ers can too.
  3. The Lehigh Engineers football team in 1989 used the classic San Francisco 49ers template but replaced Red with Brown. Notice that they also used the same helmet logo but with LU rather than SF. The number font of course is different.
  4. It's crazy. They hit a home run with the shorts, but achieved a golden sombrero with the jerseys. It never dawned on me until I read it in another forum.... A comment was made that those two stripes (on the side panels all the way down to the bottom of the shorts) represent the tower of the new Oakland side of the span of the SF/Oakland Bay Bridge, and the lines at the bottom of the shorts are supposed to be the cables.... Ingenious...I guess...
  5. For all wanting to know what the new uniforms will look like... Here is the link: It was posted today.... No more black drop more logo more metallic gold or chili red - it's back to the old days like the New York Giants, Jets and whoever else is wearing slightly modified retro outfits. I think they will make some modifications for today's player but that's about it - the familiar colors ARE coming back.
  6. You shark...your opinions mean absolutely nothing...because I know where your comments and your signature is directed towards... Obviously your comments are just comments.... And when you try to state your case - you have no facts to support it...
  7. nobody is insulting anybody. can't you read. Proves my point, thank you. None of this need be personal. It ought not be. I know where this was coming from...I was part of that debate. And he is indeed insulting ME... I am just as big a 49er fan and Giants fan as him... He doesn't have a monopoly or say for everyone else just because he's been here longer.... In fact he doesn't have a say for every 49er fan as well... I had all the facts lined up - and he had none for his claims...end of story. To put it mildly-all his comments have really nothing to stand on equating number of points scored with the jersey being worn...yeah right (see game 2). Those Redskins jerseys are very nice but so are the current one... The old ones remind me a lot of the Over The Hill Gang from '72 and even when Vince Lombardi was coaching them. They are wearing their home whites to keep up with that superstition like the Cowboys (no dark tops at home).
  8. A's Black Uniform...looks good on paper - bad on TV... From what the posts will still be green with gold(yellow) and white lettering rather than just gold lettering. What tweak do you want to see with the Cubs' Jerseys? In my case.. I would like to see the Giants in white rather than cream... (They went to white with the double knit version of the 1958 uniform in 1972).
  9. The Indians have the best new threads for 08 - very retro (early 50's) If the A's are going to black - it won't change anything - it will still be hideous... Just leave it at green and gold - the simpler the better - and what they have now is ok... The Rays is good - but ordinary...except for the alternates... I see a little bit of those awful football side panels on the cap and on the jersey. The Blue Jays got it right - with the powder blues - the Royals got it half right - it should all be powder blue just like the Jays and like those old Royals road uniforms from the 80s.... The Phillies is OK - i still prefer the pinstripes however..they've always had it since the 1950s.
  10. I wonder if it's just only the tops over white/gray pants or the entire ensemble.
  11. Removal of silver from Cleveland's uniform is a good idea - it was unnecessary....and the White Sox's vest tops. is gone too - which is great because it doesn't add anything. The wordmark Toronto on the road jerseys is very hard to read - but everyone knows it's the Blue Jays anyway. Otherwise it's a ho-hum year in next year's changes. What really needs to be gone for 08 is those hideous black Colorado Rockies vest jerseys - at least they don't wear the purple shirts underneath it.
  12. Deal Or No Deal's NFL show with the 26 ladies wearing 26 of the 32 NFL teams uniforms (dark jerseys)..... I wonder which ones were omitted... The contestant chose no. 18 - he's a Colts fan... *Sorry No Pictures* - but you can visit their website. Only Jerry Rice was wearing a throwback (49ers White Jersey from 64-95) Marcus Allen was wearing one of those knockoffs that wasn't a uniform but a silver and black sweatshirt. If you have any pictures please post.
  13. At least take it back to the brown pinstripes of the mid 80s - that should be far enough.
  14. I totally agree - it may be one of Mike Nolan's "tweaks." People who are not admin who had says in uniform looks... Willie McCovey/S.F. Giants 1994 redesign...Willie Mays/S.F. Giants in 2000 who insisted it should be cream rather than white to simulate flannel... 70 percent of the 49er fans were seeing red (against the update)when the uniform was changed to the current look in 1996 (without the gold pants)... Carmen Policy was perplexed....Knight Ridder article from 1996 - on a story from a San Francisco Examiner poll. (2/18/96) What they should do then is bring back the old unis...but keep the current gold. They could ditch the black from the helmets, jerseys, and pants and use the old striping pattern on the helmet and pants. Remove black borders from numbers, but keep the gold ones, and keep the red facemask. I think that would work real well - it would please the uniform design hobbyists and the fans....a nice little compromise keeping it current and past at the same time.
  15. Frank Robinson who was the manager of the Giants in 1983 had input of redesigning the updated uniforms that year... It was Willie Mays who insisted The Giants uniform have a cream home uniform than a white home uniform before they moved into their new ballpark (PacBell/AT&T/SBC). He complained that the Giants look like bottles of milk with white home threads - this was from a San Francisco Chronicle article in 2000 regarding the new uniform unveiling. The following year... Shawn Estes and JT Snow suggested to Giants' management to have black tops which only lasted 2 years because the owner hated it - the public loved the blackout caps on the other hand. Estes & Snow thought why can't they have a black top since black is The Giants primary color. In 1987 The Oakland A's were planning on unveiling green shoes with their current uniform - but the players at the time would have none of it - and it was junked... They stayed with their white shoes...which they've been wearing since they moved from Kansas City. Also 2 years after the current uniforms with the white pants were unveiled obviously as an update of those 94 Throwbacks, 49er fans who hated those white pants wanted the gold pants back... And the niners brought it back with a different shade.. and that's what they have now. Players and coaches and even owners have a say in what the design would look like....Bill Bidwill was the actual designer for the current Cardinals uniform however overdesigned it may be.... The mid 80's White Sox design was the result of a fan contest. Nolan says in a newspaper article that if they DO decide to bring it back - he would like to tweak it some... I did not say he was going to redesign the uniform...I was saying that they had put in an application but from what I heard from other forums - no application was put in. To say marketing has everything to do with it - Yes they do - but with a great deal of input from unlikely sources - and they are indeed sensitive to what fans want - saw a report on KPIX-TV San Francisco on the focus groups that the 49ers conduct periodically.The people in those focus groups of course were season ticket holders. Coaches do have input - but they have to consult with marketing of course - like others do. Sometimes teams going to the same consultant will have similar results thus erasing some identity...e.g. Angels and Nationals uniforms were constructed by the same designer. To clarify...The 49ers won't change their uniform real soon...this was from an interview with Mike Nolan on a San Francisco morning sports show...the day after they beat Arizona. His answer "in time." Very vague... The morning show's hosts obviously like the old uniforms - but his reaction is probably one of that he has heard the question many times. (go to KNBR/Murph & Mac/Mike Nolan show - before next Tuesday). Obviously for some people on these boards - they are merely looking from the outside... I strongly suggest going to the 49ers fan boards where the sentiment is opposite to the nay-sayers here. Uniform design hobbyists have one idea what the uniform should look like - but fans have another idea...and that's all there is to it.