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  1. They should have outlined the text and number in blue.
  2. The swords would look really cool on the sleeves.
  3. They look like a crappy UCLA uniform set.
  4. Linix129

    New Sig

    The 4-team one, with Spurs, USC, Dodgers, and Bucs in that order please.
  5. With tan pants, it looks like they are wearing cargo shorts.
  6. If Mark Cuban is a part of it, I'm shocked there isn't a team in Dallas.
  7. With that shade of red, it looks a lot like USC.
  8. Linix129

    Button sigs

    San Antonio Spurs USC Trojans Los Angeles Dodgers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Detroit Red Wings
  9. What's with the tattoo looking backsides.
  10. Needs no more work, looks great.