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  1. A123


    Arena Football League's football Does anybody see it before old and new Arena football league 2 's football too
  2. Will Augusta Ga. Go to AHL in 2010 http://www.wjbf.com/midatlantic/jbf/news_i...08-22-0003.html
  3. A123

    af2 logos

    Chris are you going to add arena football 2 selection
  4. http://sanantonio.bizjournals.com/sananton...&hbx=e_vert visit this link
  5. San Antoino may be have a chane get a af1 franchise to replace Austin
  6. Austin Wrangler will headed to af2 next yr
  7. Chicago Hound of the UHL fold
  8. A123


    I can't find no af2 on ur af1 selection and ur arena cup will u add it chris
  9. A123


    Hey chris are u planing put af2 logos on ur site
  10. AHL Norfolk Admiral Millwaukee Admiral
  11. Can someone list the whole list of past and present status of each arena of each teams in af1
  12. A123


    Sorry guys i give u all this site Http://www.oifl.net and let u all see it
  13. A123


    Does anyone know about this league is it a scam league or something
  14. Which Chesapeake is this this team is from ECHL and i want to know the arena capacity and which state
  15. Any link for San Diego for af2 bak next yr