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  1. This logo was designed to replace the tiger hawk on Iowa's football helmets at the beginning of Kirk Ferentz's career, I believe between his first and second season, in 2000. The response from Hawkeye fans was less than enthusiastic to say the least and the logo was never used on any uniforms. It is on some merchandise, I have a t-shirt and a jacket that have this logo that were probably made around 2000.
  2. I like the reversed colors on the helmet logo, cool way to do something different without spending the money for new helmets.
  3. It is strange that the Cav's give out black shirts when black is one of the few colors they don't use. They could have gone with white, yellow, red, or two shades of blue, or maybe even orange, but not black.
  4. I have certainly purchased alcohol at Villanova games at the Wachovia center. Lots of alcohol. Villanova home games are different than NCAA events, alcohol was not available at the NCAA tournament games at the Wachovia Center.
  5. Texas and Oklahoma are playing at the Cotton Bowl Stadium through 2015. The Cotton Bowl Game will be played at the Cowboy's new stadium.
  6. I think that the Warriors have one of the worst color combos in major league sports. Blue and Gold or Blue and Orange would work, but Blue, Gold, and Orange just looks awful.
  7. I was very disappointed neither team wore their new uniforms, but I did see a couple Iowa fans with the new road jersey on.
  8. I would agree with all of those questions, I think these would be great with regular numbers, IOWA straight across both, and without the black on black.
  9. It seems as though half the teams in the A-League have the same logo.
  10. I like this idea, the only problem is that American teams wear alternates/throwbacks so often it would be hard for the visitors to know what to pack. For this to work the home team would have to declare what they are wearing prior to the game.
  11. how many major league baseball games have the home team wearing the city name and the road team wearing it's nickname?
  12. Jersey is an upgrade, but the helmet and pants are a downgrade.
  13. bmoore

    US Soccer

    I like the crest a lot. The national team is in need of an updated crest, but i do like the jerseys they've had the last few years(except the blue pinstriped). I'd like to see some type of 1950 throwback.
  14. bmoore

    *New Argyle Sigs

    could you do a University of Iowa one?
  15. better than most system of dreck schools