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  1. The uniforms look good aside from the caps. The caps look horrible with a circular logo! There should be an "L" or a "B" at least. I know they can't use "BC" b/c they would be ripping off the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.
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    Team Sigs

    No, they're good. Thanks.
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    Team Sigs

    Could I get one for Philadelphia Union and one more for the Lancaster Barnstormers. For the Union, I would like the left side to be navy and the right to be gold, with the primary logo in the middle, the "Jugnite aut Perite" logo on the left, and the wordmark on the right. Here are Union's logos: Philly Union Union's wordmark: Union wordmark For the Barnstormers, I would like the left side to be red, the right to be white, the primary logo in the middle, the "L" cap logo on the left, and the "Come out & play" logo on the right. Come out & play Barnstormers primary Barnstormers cap logo
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    Road Signs

    Could you do these: Lancaster Barnstormers (navy on top, red on bottom) Lancaster Liberty (red on top, navy on bottom) Hershey Bears (black on top, burgundy on bottom) Philadelphia Union (gold on top, navy on bottom) Philadelphia Phillies (blue on top, red on bottom) Philadelphia Eagles (silver on top, midnight green on bottom) Philadelphia Flyers (black on top, orange on bottom) Philadelphia 76ers (blue on top, red on bottom) Thanks in advance!
  5. What! All they did was turn the face forward and redo some minor details.
  6. The newest team in the Indoor Football League is the La Crosse Spartans, with a logo that looks very similar to the MSU Spartans' primary! La Crosse Spartans
  7. The Lancaster Barnstormers get my vote for one of the best names. The name refers to the "barnstorming" baseball players who played exhibition games in Lancaster County, PA in the early 1900s. The moniker also is current in that it represents the county's agricultural heritage. Hershey Bears is another good one. They were originally called the Hershey B'ars, but the AHL disapproved of corporate names in the '30s. They are owned by the Hershey Company.
  8. Not to be a jerk, but read over your messages before you post them. It sounds like you're implying something about the Gary SouthShore RailCats.
  9. Yeah, I wish there was a page for the eight teams of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball: Bridgeport Bluefish Camden Riversharks Lancaster Barnstormers Long Island Ducks Newark Bears Somerset Patriots Southern Maryland Blue Crabs York Revolution
  10. Lancaster Barnstormers, primary logo, white background, red outline Lancaster Liberty, primary, navy, red Hershey Bears, primary, burgundy, silver Philadelphia Union, primary, navy, gold Phillies, primary, red, blue Eagles, full wordmark and eaglehead logo, green, silver Flyers, primary, orange, black 76ers, new "old" logo, red, blue Soul, music note, grey, blue
  11. http://atlantawomensprosoccer.com/
  12. I just modified that Wikipedia entry to reflect the ACTUAL colors for the Bears. I have done this on a few occasions; I have yet to find any of those things that are even remotely close. I don't know about those color descriptions however; does anyone know if they are accurate (re: from a media guide), or just something that someone made up? I had them as the following: The color of the jersey is officially burgundy or maroon, called both if official publications: http://www.hersheybears.com/fan_zone/coco_the_bear.php http://www.hersheybears.com/news/detail.ph...php&id=2121 The other colors are black, gold, silver and white.
  13. TBD. I hope they play at F&M's Mayser Center. It's close to Clipper Magazine Stadium, and is in downtown.
  14. My hometown now has a pro basketball team called the Lancaster Liberty. They're a member of the new Global Professional Basketball League. Here's the logo:
  15. I like the Florida Panthers name, but from the start, I caught the reference to the Florida panther, an endangered subspecies of cougar that inhabits the southern United States. I always thought that the Florida Panthers' regional reference was less obscure than the Tampa Bay Lightning's, but maybe I'm mistaken. I also like the identity, though I probably wouldn't put it in the top 10 of NHL identities. Tampa, Florida has the highest number of lightning strikes per year in the U.S. So that's what the team's name refers to.
  16. Under Armour gets into pro baseball with these duds for the York Revolution:" http://www.yorkrevolution.com/index.cfm http://www.yorkrevolution.com/news.cfm?newsID=1791
  17. Sorry to tell you this guy, but the logo was used for the Buffalo Dragons of last season. The team is now the Stampede, and the horrible clip art logo is the current one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Dragons
  18. The Yakima Bears logo you're talking about came two years after the Newark Bears' former primary with the red, black, and silver colors.
  19. Glad to see another 'Stormers fan on the board. The "Barnstormers" name in Lancaster County's case doesn't refer to the aviation-type barnstormers, but the traveling pro baseball players of the early 1900s. It is a combined homage to Lancaster County's agricultural heritage and to the nostalgia of baseball's Golden Years.
  20. One of my favorites is my hometown Barnstormers.
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    KaTo's signatures

    Lancaster Barnstormers, please? They play in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and were established in 2005. Also, the primary color is red. Thanks in advance.