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  1. bigshoop likes male reproductive organs.

  2. I agree with the Bucs one. That is an awesome helmet, I wish they'd bring it back.
  3. Awesome logo! I might consider picking one of those jerseys up.
  4. I haven't bought a draft day NHL hat for some time because they always have that stupid mesh look on the back. Not a fan, looks just like all the other years with minimal variation.
  5. I love em! And the NY logo is affiliated with most NY teams, so any variation of it is good to me.
  6. The original set is amazing. That is just so much more improved than the current logo set. You really should start sending these to NBA teams if you haven't already.
  7. I like it alot, altough I agree it could be more orange. I also wouldn't mind seeing some black in there, a little more that is. I could see a black jersey as another alternate as well, and I personally think the chest logo would look awesome with the M starting to spell out Marlins on the front, and even another alternate with the M logo spelling Miami. It kinda sucks though. I've always been a Marlins fan, but with my recent abandonment of the Devil Rays I was enjoying rooting for the team for Florida named for the state. But I guess Miami will be ok, lol.
  8. I might be the only one, but those Sonics and Pistons ones still look really good to me. The newer plain ones aren't as appealing, I really like those.
  9. The Rockets, Bulls, and Warriors all look bad ass. Your work is awesome man, and it's great to see the concepts.
  10. Lakers did it also against Golden State (GS did not participate) None of those need to be added. But that ATL Hawks one is killer man. Nice work.
  11. What is the real story with this logo? I still haven't heard anything official.
  12. Oh, so those were like the Bucs black jerseys. Fashion only, not game worn. Ok, I just have seen a few being worn by fans and must not have even thought about it. They do have alot of crazy colored 3rd jerseys that teams don't wear.
  13. I thought I remember them wearing this for a few games? I am nearly positive they did. But I could be werong. I like them alot.
  14. That is a great concept. Nice work man, I would love too see the Lightning use something like that. I want them to stand out again like they used to with the old 3rd jerseys they had.
  15. I remember reading, might have been on here, that the Magic are once again getting new jerseys. Seems like they change quite often. I'd like to see something less bland than their current jerseys.
  16. The NY one is awesome! Nice work man.
  17. Good ol' EDGE screwing everything up. x2. Uh oh, don't let neon matrix see this post! Hahah, EDGE SUCKS, I SAID IT AGAIN.
  18. Are you able to find prototypes like that for sale anywhere? That would be awesome if you could.
  19.\ There are some cool ones that haven't been posted in that link.
  20. Those are awesome! I love how you used secondary and/or different logos for the teams. Very creative. Knicks jersey is def. a keeper.
  21. That concept looks really good, and that newspaper clipping is cool as heck! I was reading it, and saw Miami Seahawks, lol!
  22. I'm seeing $199 as the discount price? Do I have to add it in my cart to see that price? 65% off $245 is not $199.
  23. I like em alot. Very sharp looking.
  24. I really like the idea, but haven't been too keen on the blue and yellow since they started using it. Idk why, I just they look odd or something. Concept itself is awesome.