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  1. So looking around Patreon I suspect they'll begin charging everyone monthly on the first of each month going forward, trouble is that this includes this upcoming Tuesday, June 1st. 


    If this is indeed the case (and assuming Patreon will even let me do this) I will go through and issue prorated June refunds based on when you signed up in May (i.e. if you signed up on May 15, I'll issue you a 50% refund on your June payment, if you signed up on May 20 you'll get a 66% refund, and so on). 


    Just a heads up in case you see a surprise charge on Tuesday, and please let me know if you do.

  2. 36 minutes ago, officeglenn said:


    IIRC, we had that feature for a while a few years ago and that's exactly what happened, so Chris had no choice but to turn it off.



    Correct, the server people upgraded to the next tier (with no warning!) and I got hit with a surprise bill from them

  3. 24 minutes ago, CC97 said:


    I love the feature, but like you guys I hate its placement. Unfortunately the software allows me to only place it to the right or to the left --- I'd like to see it at the bottom of the page, personally. Will disable for now and hope they improve placement options.



    Fun update, no option to disable it.

  4. 29 minutes ago, colinturner95 said:

    Its a nice feature, since I'm always wondering about which posts do the best in my threads, but like Spartacat and Magic Dynasty said, it just leaves a huge block of grey space on the side and makes things look squished to the left. 


    Also if a dark mode was possible, I'd be down for that. 


    I love the feature, but like you guys I hate its placement. Unfortunately the software allows me to only place it to the right or to the left --- I'd like to see it at the bottom of the page, personally. Will disable for now and hope they improve placement options.


  5. 2 hours ago, colinturner95 said:

    Not so much a technical issue, but is there no way to get rid of the thread summary that is now present in the top right corner of the threads? 



    Not sure if it's a "everyone gets it or no one gets it" feature or if you can toggle it based on your own tastes, if you guys really don't like it I can disable


  6. Ad-Free Experience Now Available


    Please read the below before signing up, thanks!


    So, as you all know, the ads have been necessary because they pay for the server and software fees. What you may not know is that the earnings from the ads are based entirely on the amount of times any of these ads load, they don't pay a flat monthly fee, if you're browsing 100 pages per day this means you have been generating 100 pages worth of ad earnings because you're loading that many ads (thank you). However, there's a downside to that, the monthly server fees are ALSO affected by how many page loads there are.


    If we remove ads from every one of your page loads this improves your experience considerably, but it results in the loss of all of those ad earnings and does not change the fact that those pageload-affected server costs remain the same. Simply put, without the ad earnings, your use of the site costs me money. In an attempt to offset that loss as much as possible, I am now offering an option in which you can contribute each month approximately what your usual ad earnings would have been in exchange for removing ads from your account while browsing the forums. This price I've set this at is basically the minimum that I think we can make this work, I wanted to make sure it was priced at a point that you'd realistically consider signing up for the option -- there is a voluntary option when signing up to increase what you pay if you would like to contribute more, which obviously will be extremely appreciated but note that it is totally unnecessary.


    Things to know:

    • This is a recurring monthly fee which will be charged and handled by Patreon
    • The ads will only be removed from the CCSLC, you will still see ads on the logos site and the news section (I'd love to offer tiered options to remove ads from all three but I'm just not sure it's technically possible to do so! I have been discussing this possibility with people smarter than me, stay tuned)
    • Because Patreon and the board software can't communicate with each other, if your Patreon email address or name doesn't match what you use on the boards, I'll need you to let me know you signed up and what information you used so I can get you all set up here. Implementing your ad-free experience is being done manually, one user at a time, by me and me alone, so there will be a delay between the time you signed up and when your ads are removed - my goal is to keep this delay to just a few minutes but if you sign up while I'm sleeping or driving or taking my kids to school you may have to wait a wee bit longer.

    You can sign up using the Patreon link below, thank you all for your patience and your support!



  7. Just now, DiePerske said:

    oh, the notifications are blue now. I preferred red because they stuck out more, but I can get used to it.


    I can switch this, like I said in my previous post I had to rebuild the skin so I might have missed a few little things like this, so please let me know if there are others.

  8. Oooooookay, I think I've fixed all the issues with the theme, had to rebuild it and it looks pretty good on my end but this thing is buggy as all hell so I wouldn't be surprised if others are seeing something completely different.


    As I alluded to earlier in this thread, I have been working on an ad-free option and will hopefully be able to launch that very shortly. Worked wonderfully in tests!

  9. On 5/17/2021 at 9:59 PM, dont care said:

    Honestly these ads are getting ridiculous, just had 3 of those ads that fill half the screen so my entire screen was full of the same ad.


    On 5/15/2021 at 6:39 PM, BBTV said:

    People can keep reporting things, or Chris could make an ad arrangement that's less disrespectful to the loyal users that have helped build his empire.



    I hear you all. Ad-free option in the works. Stay Tuned. 





    UPDATE, it's ready!



  10. We were forced into a upgrade by those who run the forum software, unfortunately the new version of the forum was incompatable with our skin (or theme) of preference so there's a few bugs we're working out... please feel free to post what broken things you find here so we can fix 'em.

  11. On 11/4/2020 at 2:31 PM, Sec19Row53 said:

    @CC97 what was your favorite/best logo-related thing you learned in all of this?


    Thanks all! 


    A lot! Some highlights, no evidence the Bruins logo is because Boston is "hub city", the Blackhawks were going to become the Yankees, the Flames shade of red was to match Coca Cola, the Leafs almost added additional shades of blue, the psychology behind the Canucks switch to the V uniforms... And so much more!



  12. On 8/5/2020 at 7:39 AM, canzman said:


    These are not correct.


    According to official logo slick there is no workmark right now.


    Washington with the year is primary

    Washington alone is secondary

    Roudel is tertiary


    W by itself is not an official logo.





    Thanks -- at the time I added this section to the site there was no logo slick available so I had to make an educated guess as to what their primary/secondary/etc was, now that it has suddenly appeared, I will make the necessary corrections.

  13. 35 minutes ago, Ridleylash said:

    It's not a concept logo, as far as I can tell, because this tweet makes me think it's official;

    I dunno why it's not on the main site, since it seems to be an official team logo; just one not used all that often, seemingly.



    Not in any of their official style guides or style sheets, just checked theirs annually from 2013-2019

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