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  1. Top right for sure. I think the non-shaded versions would be easier to make pop on actual attire, and the black outline does wonders.
  2. This is really impressive stuff - you have definitely done everything you can to give it a "big league" feel - congrats and keep it up!
  3. With the Rockies, I LIKE the new script, but then go all the way with it. I think the script R is pretty strong for a cap logo myself, so trash the old CR lettering altogether and go cursive, the way the Dodgers and Royals do, if that's how you want the Rockies to be. Also, darken the gray if black is going to go - I always though their silver/gray wasn't strong enough, especially near their white. I think the yellow may have been the wrong color to drop for the Marlins. I get a Rangers vibe as much as I get an Expos one from your current concept. I'd either go blue/yellow or red-orange/yellow, as both would be fairly unique MLB colors and capture the vibrancy of Miami. And while I love tri-color caps, I don't know if they work for an ultra-modern logo like Miami's. Good start, but I would cut each identity down to a home/road and build your alternates off that. Also, the green background for the presentatiopn is making my eyes bleed, but that is no criticism on your concepts. Keep it going!
  4. The home is great! Awesome tweak to a good jersey. The road could benefit from some black trim so make it sharper, and I think some black outlines to "COLORADO" on the alt would tie that jersey together more. Awesome start here!
  5. I can't swear to it, but I think the black stroke on the home uni is thinner than the white stroke on the road and alt. The road and alt pop much better because black and red virtually never touch. I would either make the black stroke on the numbers/nob/diamonds on the home as thick as the white stroke on the other two, OR, if it is already as thick and I am going nuts, make it thicker anyway. Other than that - I love it! The red jersey is beautiful.
  6. I would drop the football altogether. The dolphin needs more definition, for sure. Also, someting needs to go in the white space below the dolphin. Even a stylized "M" that fit into some of the other "sawblades" would fill the void. Awesome start - I feel like right now this logo would work well if the Dolphins a part of an energy conservation program - but keep at it, no reason it can't become a primary.
  7. Ok... Brooklyn Knights doesn't sound too bad anymore... No it doesn't. "The New York Knicks beat the New Yorkers"... just sounds like Amare started going beserk on some fans.
  8. You're right, I forgot all about that. Christmas 2008. And like the Sonics in '07, it is the last season the Mavs had a green jersey. Coincidence, I guess. Maybe green jerseys go to Portland on Christmas to die. Is that Greg Oden sighting?!?! He's harder to see in action that Ol' Saint Nick himself! That's Christmas cheer i can get behind! I swear... even in the pic, he looks like he's just had both legs fractured.
  9. Rather than just quotes, like, 8 of the last 13 posts, I'll add this: I'm sure the initial reaction is to say: ZOMG Phillies will be beasts from now on. I actually think it's the opposite. I think the Phillies' clock just started ticking. Oh don't get me wrong, it's going to suck for me to be a Mets fan, a little more than it does. While I agree that you can't simply crown the Phillies as champs before you play a game, 1)There's always going to be talk like that before the season, it's sports and 2) You can definitely say they're going to win a hefty amount of games. Let's not forget that while you NEED offense over the course of the season, great pitching changes exactly how much offense you need. The Phillies posted a +132 run-differential, tops in the NL and third in the majors. They scored 772 runs - will that drop without Werth? Likely. But the Phillies ranked 4th in the NL in Runs Against - a standing which I have a hard time believing won't be first, second or third this year. Point is, they only need to make the playoffs, and then I'd want no part of them, diminished offense or not. Look no further than the 2009 Giants. They scored 80 runs fewer than Philly, but gave up 60 fewer also. That only led them to a division title and a WS championship, but whatever. All I'm saying is that I can't look at the Philly offense and seriously say that will undermine them. So why do I open it so negatively? I give the FO credit for opening up the wallet, and Cliff Lee credit for taking a lot less money to play somewhere he legitmately wants to. But there's a time limit here. It's the last year for Jimmy Rollins, for Cole Hamels, for Raul Ibanez, for Ryan Madson, for Roy Oswalt(disregarding a 2012 club option), for Brad Lidge(same). With their payroll now rising to $146 million, the time is 2011. I know on paper, they have Halladay and Lee together through 2013, at least. I get it. But everyone needs to come together and deliver a World Series this year, because: 1. If all of those guys bounce back or improve on 2010's performances(but no World Series), bringing all of them back would be expensive and unlikely. 2. If they don't bounce back, you'd part ways with some for good: Rollins, Madson, etc. The point is, either it will get expensive to bring them back OR the Phillies will choose not to bring them back. Either way, you'll be replacing them with younger, cheaper talent. Which is great, except you start the process of rebuilding the clubhouse vibe. Look no further than the Yankees: As guys from the dynasty teams retired or left, all the money in the world couldn't bring back the chemistry until Cashman finally struck the right chord with Texeria, C.C., Swisher and A.J. Win the World Series this year, and those guys, should they still be producing, may come back at a reduced rate to keep it going, or it will attract other guys with team-first attitudes that want to win. Lose it, and those guys may seek greener(money-wise) pastures. I truly believe that while the Phils will ALWAYS be good with their FO as it is now, this year just became a huge pressure-cooker for them. Win the Series, and ZOMG they will be beasts for a good while. Lose it, and I'm sorry, they continue on their path to being the 2001-2008 Yankees.
  10. Just since last year. I don't have any confirmation that it's going to continue, it may be coincidental that the NBA scheduled them on Christmas Day again this year. I hope it does. Didn't the knicks wear these in St. Patricks day as well? Yes, they wear them around (if not on) every St. Patrick's Day. Yep, if I implied it was a Christmas uniform, I apologize. Just the Knicks using the St. Pat's uniform for Christmas.
  11. Not a Christmas-themed uniform per se, but the Knicks started what I think is a new tradition last year. On Christmas Day, they wore their green jerseys, and Miami wore their red. I would imagine it'll be the same deal this year, home to Chicago on Christmas Day. I think it's kinda cool.
  12. I knew that they have to decide the jerseys, didn't know about their announcement(shame, I know). But did you mean to see if the Eagles decide to wear WHITE now the Cowboys would have to approve the change? That's the only way those statements all add up.
  13. The Eagles haven't done that in a long time. They played Dallas for a playoff spot in week 17 two years ago and wore green, so I would expect the same. I guess it's a matter of perception that it's been a long time, they did it in 2007 and 2006 for sure, though I'll be first to admit I didn't see the '08 and '09 games in Philly. Too bad, would have been nice to see,
  14. I'd be on board with almost any combo other than mono-red, but according to the Texans site, mono-red is what we're getting: Bucs Pewter/White/Pewter and Redskins Burdgundy/Burgundy/Gold could be a game of the week if those are the combos they go with. BTW, does not apply for this week but The Eagles have a habit of sometimes wearng white at home when the Cowboys visit(though maybe not this late io\n the year) - is there a chance we may just see those navy Cowboys jerseys in Week 17?
  15. KennyRock


    Be much more interested to see what the full site looks like. The current blog site looks very incomplete, even for a blog. I also think there had to be a more creative way to incoporate a "W" than tacking on a curvy one to the end of the current espn wordmark.
  16. What's up with this photo? Garrard's striping looks like the normal team pattern, but No. 62's looks like it starts under the armpit. I know lineman's jerseys are cut and/or worn differently, but even with a different shoulder/sleeve cut, shouldn't that particular striping be unaffected??
  17. Arkansas does work well. The red shoulder patches absolutely break up the mono. I'm usually no fan of the butt-striping that comes along with some pro-combat stuff, but you used an angular design that compliments your shoulder striping. I'd like to see red pants for a number of reasons but I don't have anything I'd change about your concept here.
  18. First comment on this thread, but I've really enjoyed it and each design has been better than last. You are correct, the two-toned court does work better with the gold, and for that matter, so do the unis. And god help me, I wish that black Brooklyn jersey were real because I'd go out now and buy it. Not something I usually say with concepts but there you have it.
  19. Gordie, that's awesome. It legitmately gets me more excited for the game, and money-making reasons aside, that's what a good poster should do. I'm neither a Ducks nor a Tigers fan but I'm gonna be sad when I tune into the game and I don't see this graphic.
  20. Wordmarks under the collars can work for some teams, but I think they come across as unnecessary on others. Like the Chargers. You don't need the wordmark there. The uniform's covered with lightning bolts. We know who you are. @Colorwerx: I totally agree with the part I bolded. 100% @Ice_Cap: Traditional teams like the Browns, Redskins, and Giants (kinda) all use collar wordmarks. It's so inconspicuous that it's not an eyesore to the overall "character" of the uniform, if you will. At least not to me. I'm all for a league-wide mandate of collar wordmarks, esp. for my beloved Saints. It helps the jersey look less "practice jersey-ish", for lack of a better term. i agree, it adds some authenticity to the jersey in the sam way as the NFL Equipment shield. having those on the jersey adds some quality and value to it. like saying its "approved by". Count me on board with this also. I agree with Cap that it's not a neccessary element for all teams, but if I had to go either extreme, I'd want it for all 32 teams rather than having nobody with it. The Giants jerseys especially benefit, IMO, from the NY collar wordmark, it does make a very basic uni look a little more official.
  21. KennyRock

    The AAFL

    Since you now know what you need to do with the logos, let me comment on the unis. Hammers - Is that supposed to be a chocolate brown color? Either way, I like this. I think 2 colors can work when done correctly and these are very clean-looling. Kings - No problems here. I personally don't love the purple/yellow combo in football as much as others do, bu I recognize the colors compliment each other. While a yellow alt may have not looked great in inkscape, I think seeing a purple/yellow/white combination with purple numbers and purple socks would be a breath of fresh air. Magic - Can't say I love the color choice here. The actual design of all 4 teams' unis is fine but IMO 2-tone blue does not look great with gray. The lighter blue jersey with gray numbers looks way washed out to me, if you're going to keep the 2-tone blue I'd either add black or white to create some definition. Blaze - My favorite of the four. I love the colors and can't wait to see when you get you rown logo on the helmet!
  22. KennyRock

    Ink's Nike NFL

    Hey Ink, I really like both of these. A more traditional approach than most Seahawks concepts and a route for the Rams I haven't seen before, even though I'm sure someone's done it. Seahawks - A little addidiotn by subtraction here, I'd drop the white pants. The set doesn't need them and is stronger with navy and grey. I'd also put a lime outline around the gray numbers on the home jersey. Rams - I'd drop the white pants here too. IMO blue would be more interesting as a second option. - The numbers could be a little bigger on the back. - I may work on the striping pattern a little bit. The strokes look a little random on any jersey but the blue. I may start with moving the gold stripes in a bit so the weird bit of blue between the gold stripes and the white or gold jersey disappears and go from there. I really like these, again, especially the unique direction for the Rams.
  23. No complaints here, definitely the most logical realignment. I'd be for it, if it means my Hornets don't have to keep turning in piss-poor performances against the Spurs and Mavs 4 times a year.
  24. Really digging both concepts. I like the wacky number font for Oregon, my only issue is I wonder how those yellow feet would show up on the white pants but cool idea. I like TCU's a lot. My ONLY gripe is that the frog looks super-dark on the pattern helmet. Maybe a white-outline around him? Awesome stuff on both sides, white TCU and green Oregon are my favs out of the 4, but all good!