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  1. On the verge of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, ESPN has put together murals for each team involved in the event. They're pretty cool: All of the Murals Thoughts? Favorites?
  2. Awesome concept. Great idea and great execution. The lettering is looks awesome, and the logo is definitely unique. It looks really good on the t-shirt too.
  3. A few of these would make awesome t-shirts too. The Walter Payton and Patrick Willis ones are great.
  4. -Click to Enlarge- That's awesome, thanks.
  5. Awesome. I'd love to see any of the Minnesota Twins' logos.
  6. If you do start on other sports, #34 for the Minnesota Twins would be cool.
  7. Anybody know the font used for the "Minnesota Twins Baseball Club" section on the primary?
  8. I thought I read the team would not have the sleeveless as an option this season.
  9. I've got the Inaugural Season logo and patch file. If it's fine to post, I'll put them up.
  10. I believe the home uniform will be updated, but only with the new wordmark.
  11. The new uniforms, logos, and patches will all be unveiled on Monday at noon in Minneapolis. Immediately after they'll be for sale at the team Pro Shops and online. Right below is a more clear look at what is believed to be the new primary logo:
  12. I'd love to see the cream/beige alternate that has been rumored. I really like what you've done here and it's good to see a clear shot of the new logo that has been leaked around.
  13. Agreed. I wouldn't assume they are going back just yet. A lot of the jerseys seem to be speculation. Some are guesses based on some small rumors, but overall we haven't gotten any good information regarding the wordmarks.
  14. I just saw these linked to on They seem somewhat plausible. The away ones seem very possible. The home one not as much simply because we've heard it's just the updated wordmark. As for the alternate, that could be right, but we've heard that it'll be the beige/cream that we've seen the Giants and Padres sport. Can any of you who've seen the updates say if this is right or which one(s) might be close or off base?
  15. I know he and others cannot go into detail, but my guess is that one thing that is not accurate is the "Minnesota" script. I can't wait to see what they actually look like. It seems like they are moving away from any all blue jersey.