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  1. Yeah, those take me back to 1994 and Angels In The Outfield. What's that patch that they have?
  2. Nice logo, I'm surprised that the big Devils never came up wit this for the alternate captain logo.
  3. Bret and Owen Hart in Edmonton gear: Another wrassler, who shall remain nameless: Don't forget Kurt Angle rockin' the Penguins jersey in Detroit @ TNA Slammiversary in June. Had me laughing my a off.
  4. Really sad sight to see. A great championship NASCAR owner like Jack Roush got into a partnership with the devil (John Henry) and his darn Red Sox group. Good for guys like Biffle, Kenseth, McMurray, Reagan & Carl Edwards, bad for the Red Sox. Now what, Big Papi & Jason Varitek are gonna drive NASCARs into Yankee Stadium and roll over the Yanks? Good for Roush, bad for Sox.
  5. Great race and what a wild finish to a historical race like the Daytona 500. Heartbreaking for Mark Martin, but great to see sneaky Happy Harvick win 2 in a row for Speedweeks 07. Hope all Cup races this year are thrilling. Scary to see Clint Bowyer's car go upside down and Dale Jr's car all smashed up at the end. Speaking of Dales, 2nd Daytona 500 win for the 3/29 team. Part of Harvick's win goes to the legend he replaced: Dale Earnhardt.
  6. The Honda Pond, huh? It looks like the Ducks are go!
  7. ALDS: Yankees (East) vs. Tigers (Wild Card) Angels (West) vs. White Sox (Central) NLDS: Mets (East) vs. Phillies (Wild Card) Dodgers (West) vs. Cardinals (Central) ALCS: Yankees vs. White Sox NLCS: Mets vs. Cardinals WS: Yankees vs. Mets CHAMPS: Yankees And as I mentioned before, if u Boston fans think that the Yankees are not going to go all the way this year, I suggest you get urselves another BEEEHHHHAAAARRRRR GO YANKS!
  8. The Subway Series always generates a lot of excitement here in NY because it reminds people of the days of the Dodgers and Giants playing for the NL pennant. The Mets are doing great now, but the Yankees have owned the Mets for the last decade, including the 2000 WS. Also, I feel that interleague play should have started 100 years ago and it should be year round like all other sports. great action and matchups happen when leagues or conferences square off against each other Cubs/White Sox, D-Rays/Marlins, Astros/Rangers, Cards/Royals and Nats/Jays are all cool too. BTW, in an urelated matter, since i've been in Puerto Rico for a while and did'nt get to see Yankees/Sox Round 1, I say this to all of Boston: If u think that EVEN without my boy, Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield that the Sox are gonna overtake the Yankees this year, you Bostonians need another BEEHAAARRR!
  9. Here's something interesting, former Boston Red Sox (boo!) star Mike Greenwell, who finished 2nd in American League MVP voting to Jose Canseco in 1988 will go from the diamond to the racetrack as he will race in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series AKA The Staple of Speed Channel. Greenwell will debut at the Mansfield Motorsports Speedway race on May 27 replacing Bobby Hamiliton, Jr who is subbing for his father who was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. Here's where to see when you can see the former Sox slugger on the race track: FOX Sports - NASCAR - Report: Former Red Sox player to make truck debut
  10. It actually looks like a throwback of the 1980's logo. The way it looks during the news makes it seem that it was modeled after the FOX News Channel logo. Plus, soon the FOX Network will celebrate its 20th anniversary, so it looks really good.
  11. It actually looks like a throwback of the 1980's logo. The way it looks during the news makes it seem that it was modeled after the FOX News Channel logo. Plus, soon the FOX Network will celebrate its 20th anniversary, so it looks really good.
  12. Vin Scully (NBC): "So the winning run is at second base...with 2 outs, 3 and 2 to Mookie Wilson...little roller up along first, behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!
  13. Well, it may be chilly here where me and my Bombers are at here in NYC, but its hot down in Daytona Beach, FL as the new NASCAR season will kickoff this weekend. NASCAR has been become one of the most watched sports in recent years and we're looking foward to another adrenaline rushing, heart stopping year of action. So, with that in mind, let's see who will be this years Nextel Cup Champion and who will be the top 10 in the Race To The Chase. My pick to win the Nextel Cup Champion is: Greg Biffle who lead the series last year with 6 wins and I'd like to see him become NASCAR's first Triple Crown Winner (Truck Series, Busch Series & Nextel Cup Series) and make history. My Race To The Chase Top 10: Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kurt Busch, Elliott Sadler, Ryan Newman, Mark Martin, Carl Edwards and if I had to choose a rookie, I'd say Denny Hamlin. It all starts Sunday with the Daytona 500 on NBC. NBC's last year of broadcasting NASCAR.
  14. Here's some from Getty images after typing Wrigley Field: Getty Images Editorial - Image Results
  15. All Olympic action is on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Bravo and Spanish network Telemundo from February 10-26. Here's where the schedule for all the events, just type your zip code for ur NBC affiliate NBCOlympics.com - TV Listings Can you imagine Telemundo calling the hockey games? GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!