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  1. Taking the survey now. Have worked for a locally owned sports retailer that has stocked your product for as long as I've been there (10 years). Although the fashion hat business has dropped drastically in our area(South Bend, Indiana), I hope the trend changes. I own more of your hats then my wife wishes haha. Are you guys going to be at The Sports Licensing and Tailgate show in Vegas this January? I go every year, hoping to find something new and unique that our customers can't live without. Keep up the good work Jeremy
  2. I've seen them without names before, but they were always hard to find. Only store I ever saw them in was BC sports, which closed all its shops about 2 years ago. I believe they were all special order, or older, pre-batter-man, authentic. I have a Jeter replica with no NOB, I can post a picture if you want. To get them from Majestic, all replicas have names on them. The Yankees pro shop have the exclusive nameless replicas now. But what we and many other stores would do, would be just order them blank, and then have them lettered with authentic #s ourselves. You have to remember, most people who buy replicas don't even realize the Yankees don't wear the names on the back. I can't tell you how many times customers would bitch because it doesn't say Jeter or Rodriguez on it.
  3. Thought this might be fun.. So my fantasy football team is the Margaritaville LandSharks. Rather than just steal the logo, I was wondering if any of you guys would want to come up with some cool concepts? Im pretty amateur at this stuff, and love alot of your guys work. Feel free to come up with logos, secondary, unis, field etc etc etc.. Or feel free to ignore this post and tell me to shove it lol. Im in a 16 team dynasty league called the United States Fantasy Football League if that helps.
  4. Nice jersey, but Im assuming that its a Premier due to it being a large and not numerical..
  5. Exactly. Ive mananged a locally owned Sports Apparel store for over 10 years. The counterfeits have completely killed our buisness. At least twice a day I have some uneducated customer asking about prices, then proclaim "Oh man, I can get that jersey for $40 all day long". Having to explain the difference between fake/real/authentic/replica is tiresome, and in the end, most customers don't give a :censored:. At first, it just killed the jersey biz, but now it's carried over to the rest of the apparel. Why spend $20 on a licensed Tee, when you can spend $30 on a fake jersey. I become the expensive store, when after cost,shipping,advertising,electricity,labor,traded players etc etc etc, I barely make enough to break even. So for those of you that can justify buying bootleg jerseys in order to "stick it to the man," remember you are in effect taking food off my daughter's plate. Id love to see what everyone else does for a living, and apply the same logic to your source of income. Sure the argument can be made that there is no guarantee those customers would purchase a jersey at all, but the fact remains it has killed the sports apparel buisness.
  6. I don't have any problem with Chad whatsoever, I find him entertaining. I just feel like the joke has been played out. Just posted the info I got, no reason to flame me.
  7. Sorry if this has been posted, but I just heard confirmation, that Chad Johnson will be wearing Ocho Cinco on the back of his jersey next season. To which poses the question.. Does anybody care anymore? Really, hasn't that been beaten to death?
  8. We don't want to get into the biz of buy and selling based on value. The whole point is, to get rid of some random stuff you have around, and get a nice discount towards something new. We aren't going to try and take Mitchell and Ness due to the number of counterfeit stuff out there, and while I and the owner could def. tell the difference, Im not so sure about the other employees. We won't compromise on quality. It's a fun little program we are coming up with, and we want it to be as affordable and easy for everyone. I will post more info as it becomes available. I appreciate everyones interest, and rest assured, you will all be the first to know. Im starting the collection by donating a pintstripe Houston Astros replica from majestic, as well as a worn once road Phillip Buchannon Raiders replica f/ Reebok.
  9. South Bend, Indiana. website is www.allstarssports.com We only have our novelty items on there now, but we will be putting a list of old jerseys we acquire on there. So if you all want, I can keep you guys updated. We can ship and what not. Ill give you guys first dibs!
  10. Just wanted to get your opinions on this.. My sports apparel store is having a new program, where customers can return their gently used old jersey's, towards the price of a new one. For example, say you have an purple Alonzo Mourning Hornets jersey that obviously no longer fits, bring it in to my store and I'll give you 20% off any jersey in the store. Then, we have a rack of these jersey's for sale between $5-$20. What do you think? I kinda used you guys as inspiration for the idea, plus I think we can have a pretty funny ad campaign via local commercials. Good idea? yay or nay? Sorry if this is inapropriate for this forum, just thought I'd throw it out there.. Looking forward to opinions! Thanks
  11. Hey, if want the blue colored "Nameith" throwback Jets jersey, by all means buy the fake s**t... If you know what to look for (and most of us uniform nuts can spot reals from fakes), you can find great deals on jerseys on ebay or even around at sporting goods stores (if you're willing to haggle and bitch.) Just don't come into my store and bitch and try and haggle lol j/k Seriously, the counterfeit biz has completely killed the jersey market. Unfourtunately, the general public is either uninformed, or don't care about authenticity. They just assume we are overpriced, because they know some guy who can get them that "Ben Rosenberg" stiched Steelers jersey for half price. I constantly feel the need to defend my stores product, it's really sad actually. And so help me god, if I hear one more person refer to him as Rosenberg, Roethlisberg or something other than Roethlisberger, I am going to shoot myself. Sorry, thanks for letting me vent.
  12. As I've stated before, I manage a local sports store in Indiana. We were notified of this a while back. We refuse to sell those crappy named jerseys before. Let Finish Line and Foot Locker sell those things.. I think this will be a good thing, however the general public doesnt care that much about authenticity unfourtunately. Hell when I started in this biz back in high school, they didn't even sell replica MLB jerseys. All you could get was those cheap ass Starter generic jerseys. It wasnt untill the late 90's that Majestic came up with the brilliant idea to make their replicas look like the real things. What a concept. Anyone remember those mesh things they used to sell in all different colors?
  13. This would be great if there were different team logos in a set. So for all the bandwagon jumpers, if they're team lost, they could just switch it out for the winning one. But seriously, as a sports merchandise retailer, this is a novel concept, and would help keep inventory down in an urban market. You would have no idea how often people come in trying to match an outfit. We would have to stock a red yankees, a camo- yankees, royal blue, black, yellow...etc. etc... This would make it a hell of a lot easier.
  14. haha.. I may be the only one that gets the joke, but thats awesome. For what its worth, BOB SAGET!!! is my text alert...
  15. As a longtime Raider fan, it was a surprise to me as well. But the rumor is that next year they will be wearing white at home all the time. But they are switching to the older white with grey numbers. The ones they wore in 94 for the 75th anniversary. Which I have been wishing for a long time. These are my favorite unis they've ever worn. Take this rumor for what it is, but its from a reputable source. Cheers