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  1. Giants wore the Spider Memorial patch in Super Bowl XXI
  2. I found the Jets one on NYJets.com splash page. I'm a Giants season ticket holder so obviously I am going to be bias to GMen but I think both logos work very well. Similar but different.
  3. My NY Giants season tix came today and there is a logo for the new stadium on the paperwork. The Giants are calling the stadium "New Giants Stadium" The Jets have been calling it New Jets Stadium for a while now. Thought I would pass it along.
  4. Here is a screengrab of the NY Giants stadium site trying to sell the premium field level seats. looks like the Giants helmet will be at the 50 with the endzones blue.
  5. xxvnyg80

    New Glossy Sigs

    Possible to do a NY Giants and Yankees sig please?
  6. Any chance I could get a NY Giants plaid sig?
  7. I was reading an article in the NY Daily News about the field turf at the new Meadowlands Stadium (stupid name)and it looks like the end zone strips can be removed and replaced for the Giants and the Jets. Any ideas on what the end zones may look like? LINK
  8. LINK I was on Lids.com and saw this NY Giants logo from the 70's on a hat. Uni-Watch went and visited the Giants and said "WOW" about the new Giants aletrnates they will wear in 2011. What do you guys think?
  9. The red alternate jersey has been retired. The Giants will not be wearing any alternates or throwbacks in 2009 or 2010, but they have a doozy of a throwback slated for 2011 ? which I can?t describe. http://www.uniwatchblog.com/2009/07/17/uni...he-meadowlands/
  10. I saw this posted on Giants.com and thought I would share it here. Thoughts?
  11. I played football at THS from 96-98!
  12. The guy must be an Iggles fan because they are easy to make fun of!
  13. New York Giants? possibly a Super Bowl XLII victory one?
  14. xxvnyg80


    How about a Demario Anderson half court shot???