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  1. Could you then provide us with the link to the shop, when one can purchase licenced replica of this shirt w/o "3"? Other than seeing them at Lilywhite's in London and at the Dublin International Airport? Sorry, can't hook you up there; that's the problem with, you know, speaking from experience.
  2. You could get England shirts/training wear with Nationwide as the sponsor for years; not uncommon at all to put a sponsor on such apparel in Europe. You can always buy w/o the sponsor at the shops. US Soccer has/had ussoccer.com on their team training gear for awhile; never was for public purchase, but again, not shocking. And, Umbro wins again.
  3. These designs are practically begging MLS to end the Adidas contract and allow individual production. Umbro's worst is above Adidas these days.
  4. As an Arkansas fan, anything TCU does to delete their "old" identity is a negative move. Your apex was the rose in the frog's mouth last year. Don't take my second-favorite "unique mascot" and streamline it into something horrible. Please, please don't be giving into Nike.
  5. Talk about damning with faint praise.