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    There's only one Andy Johnson One Andy Johnson Walking along Singing a song Walking in a Johnson wonderland. good old sellars park.
  2. This topic should be floated for eternity, just because it is one of the most classic CC moments ive ever witnessed
  3. you all know that 10-15 years ago you all would have relized that those colors are amazing
  4. well i know i definetly dont want a roundhousekick to the face with those bad boys on!
  5. better than the.... soul.... which is one if not the worst name ever created, i mean someone probably got paid for coming up with that name, which is terrible. But i love the name, colors, logo, i think that with the improvments made this is basically perfect. nice work
  6. pantone, ive been here for a year or two... and contributed very little, if not anything to this board at all. but in the time that i am on this forum, you were always here helping people, so good luck with everything and if you ever start your own website or anything of that nature tell me/us and i/we will definetly go and see it. -stephen
  7. think about how stoned the guy that made those was thats a lot of drugs
  8. Now I see why he is so mad.....He gave ya 50 bucks and you banned him. He donated after I banned him... that's what professionals do, after they're punished for their behaviour they slip the officer a little cash. Hope you're paying attention wannabe designers. chris ur my hero
  9. philadelphia phillies please by the way they look great
  10. i just moved away from philly like 2 monthes ago and and there is nothing i would like more right now than a wawa italian hoagie sry im a little off topic... overall the concept is solid, but greatness just doesnt jummp out at you mmmmm hoagie
  11. yea its pretty good, but i like the canadiens to be in red with blue and white stripes as opposed to blue with red and white stripes... but thats just personal preference and not accually anything wrong with your design secondly when i saw "1909 logo" i thought that you meant the C with the A inside of it... which got me excited, but then you had the just plain C which i think is a little bland and might look better with the CA logo, idk just give it a try and see what you like better still a hell of a concept
  12. timmy_b and pantone... if you guys need any help at all, ill try my best to do what i can... i really want to be involved if thats ok with you guys. ~stephen
  13. i know one thing, that would have been great if not for the lettering they went with...numbers and names are meant to be legible, is it not? although many would beg to differ with ya, the font was the only weakness of Wild Wing. homes, you aint alone. I once saw a jersey on eBay that used the Lightning's old brush-stroke font for the numbering instead of the actual illegible hoo-hah the Ducks used. Made for a major improvement. That Wild Wing jersey is sooooo 90s. But I've gotta side with those who have a soft spot for it. Also, a few months back on here, somebody recolored the Ducks' black alt and made the primary color jade. That thing didn't just own - it pwned. its like sooooo ugly that uve just got to love it its like when u go to pick up a puppy from the pound u always pick the little ugly one.... i dont know how to compare it better, sry
  14. wow ive been here for like 2 years.... ive posted a maximum of 6 times and have never once posted a concept... well thanx for making me look like crap... but really welcome and i really love the concept... like vicfurth said, lightblue and red is such a great, and rarely used combo and overall its a great concept
  15. yea i always see lynx in southcentral..... haha jk all in all its really solid concept especially for ur first time, but i dont really like the wordmark, just use the one about the jerseys instead.