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  1. Yeah I saw it, brings even more confusion. The jersey and jacket are exactly the same as the on-field team gear, Brasil badge included. And no NJR logo either. Has it been done before??
  2. Jordan Brand stepping further into Futebol : This one looks more like an alternate than fashion, maybe some day...
  3. That's a big FU from Adidas. More like a dumped girlfriend trashing your house on her way out.
  4. Rbk was outfitting both NBA and NFL, then comined with Adidas they had the 3 major leagues at the same time. Not sure it's about money either, since those contracts are relatively cheap if you consider what Nike spends on single athletes and universities endorsements. IMO it's rather snatching it from competitors, especially the rising UA threat. A second factor being ROI, but it's not clear how viable is the NBA compared to the NFL sales-wise.
  5. The goo old days, the rise of sublimation and all the colorful designs. Kids with crayons I swear
  6. It's just a throwback. The badge and the french flag trimming is from their 1972 national title. Back then there was a tradition in France that the champions would bare the flag colors on their jerseys collar and cuffs, like the italian do with the scudetto badge. The shiny stripes are from the '93 Champions League title, which 20 years will be celebrated by the end of the upcoming season.
  7. Well, I can't wait for February 6th. The greatest basketball uniforms of all time will be making the first of three scheduled appearances. and these ones too
  8. Just for a try, why not mimic the flag w/ navy sleeves, maybe with stars on them.
  9. Dunno if it has been posted already. Brasil "BFBS" (Oregao style)
  10. Not only that but they're STILL owned by the same person, the late R.L Dreyfus' wife. Great shirt though.
  11. To me, it is quite clearly taken from this picture of LeBron: lol. truepg wins. by KO. Lmao
  12. Even if the player number below would balance the stripe I still find this design boring and lazy. It looks like fans hand out their money too easily with Nike cashing on Brazil brand name like a 401k. BTW they debut on feb 9th against France, which happens to wear the most expensive jersey ever in sports history @ $55 mil per year, and not much left to pay the designers.
  13. These are unbelievably boring, IMHO. Don't be that harsh, they jumped from 1983 to today. Where is the Adidas logo on the jersey?
  14. The NBA DID use screened and heatsealed numbers in the 70's 80's. I sell it too and my customers have less problems with them than with twill. To be honest, they only buy twill because NBA teams use it, but besides its unique look it makes the jersey heavier and much more difficult to care. I'd say a sublimated or heatsealed jersey lifespan is twice as longer as a sewn one. Especially for contact sports like football, where stitches will come off, twill will fold, even tear as the jersey fabric stretches, shrinks, etc... I Love tackle twill and it brings great profits but I have to admit that while NBA teams use a dozen of sets per season, my customers renew every 4 or 5 years. Seeing the NBA switch to heatseal would be such a disappointment though, I wonder what replicas would then look like.