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  1. It was a fitting payback for the cheapshot that Dragon lineman John Nix put on Tony Graziani back in March basically ending his season. Luckily, the Soul had a proven winner in D'Orozio sitting on the bench. But yeah it was an awful call. Prediction: Soul 56 - Sabercats 49.
  2. I actually own that jersey which I like but had it customized with - #13 Charlie Hayes What was I thinking?
  3. Game: NBA Live 08 System: 360 Player: Jackie Moon (Flint Michigan Tropics) Pic: Picture here (may be overridden) Anything else: No. Thanks.
  4. Much better than the current design. I would like to see a different shoulder patch though. Something similar to that would make this even better.
  5. Not bad but it looks like this was done before...
  6. I think the league from how it is structured and how its playoff format is setup is perfect. Diluting the importance of the regular season by adding teams would be a foolish mistake. If I had to pick something to change, I would cut the preseason in half and add two games to the regular season as mentioned by quantumfreak. Winning the division no matter how weak that division is has to carry some weight. Also, there is nothing in the rules that states a team has to or doesn't have to rest its players. That is a team decision. I think more often than not that plan hasn't worked out too good.
  7. I think for Florida, you should call them the Boomers... as in Baby Boomers. You could depict this with old people riding around on a golf cart or a perhaps a Rascal or Jazzy. Consider it. BTW, nice job on the Empire - very cool idea.
  8. WTF? Isn't that a bit premature? Talk about setting themselves up for a let down. Dumb move IMO. To be fair, they have the items posted for both teams for pre-order in case they win. They do this every year: http://www.nflshop.com/product/index.jsp?p...ntPage=category I would find it to be funny if one of those Super Bowl Champion T-shirts say "Giants 14-6" with a tagline that reads... "Ehh, good enough..."
  9. Thanks both for the replies... More explanation yes... if I have illustrator open and then I launch Photoshop I get the error. I also get the error in all three instances you specified. I was hoping to avoid reinstallation because I misplaced my install disk in my extremely messy office. Thanks though...
  10. Since the program began, I go to the Philadelphia mint once a year and get a proof set. The funny thing is that the proof set is actually minted in San Francisco. I'm not really a coin collector but I have this compulsion that once I start something have to finish it. And now that I have learned about the 6 coin set coming out after the 50 state quarter program is over, I must obtain that as well.
  11. I get this error message when switching between Illustrator to Photoshop: "PDF File format is having difficulties. The path does not exist." This problem started coming up recently after 2 years of working fine. Any ideas? I am using the Windows versions of each app.
  12. Sure... In Photoshop Step 1: Create a new image with the following specifications: width 1 pixel height 2 pixels resolution: 72 pixels contents: transparent Step 2: Zoom in as far as possible 1600% Step 3: Select the upper pixel using the rectangular marquee tool Step 4: Fill the pixel with the color of your choice. (In this case black) Step 5: Edit --> Define Pattern (name it what you want) press ok. To use... Step 1: Open the image you want to apply this to (i.e. the Drake mascot). Step 2: Create a new layer above your image Step 3: Working in that layer, Edit --> Fill In the pop up window use pattern and select your custom pattern (you can leave the defaults for blending) Press OK. You now should have the horizontal lines over your image. You can adjust the fill or transparency on that layer. To create the border (one of many ways).. Step 1: Create yet another layer and working in that layer select the rounded rectangle tool and change from shape layers to path. Step 2: Working from the top left of your image drag the rectangle diagonally down to the lower right of your image... use a radius that works for your image (ie 50px) Step 3: Right click on the path and choose make selection. In the pop up you can feather the radius for a smother transition from the border to your image (i.e. 3pix). Step 4: You will now have a selection but you want to fill the opposite so Select --> Inverse Step 5: Now paint bucket your selection and that should do it.
  13. Using photoshop it is pretty easy- create a new transparent 2 pixel high file and make the upper pixel black and leave the lower pixel transparent. define it as a pattern Then in a new layer over your image do edit --> fill --> use pattern
  14. I'd be thinking of tracing around just the outline of the top drawing to make one shape. Then make a black box behind the drawing, then make the drawing a Clipping Path. When you place this under the top drawing, only the background will show thorugh. You... You're good.
  15. Is there an easy way to do this? I want to fill in the background only in areas behind my drawing... I guess it requires a masking technique but I am not sure how to do that.. For illustration purposes I drew in the black lines manually but on a large piece of artwork that would become very tiresome. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  16. I am an Eagles fan but give my vote to the Colts. Blue and White and timeless. Also a logo that is simple enough but more clever than a team that just puts a letter on each side of the helmet.
  17. Shhh... listen closely... do you hear my heart breaking?
  18. Thanks alot quantumfreak! I took the tutorial and soon after was able to create this rendering of my intended subject: compare with Not too bad for a first effort. Obviously I need to increase the angle of the 3d portion. I will keep practicing. This was a little different in the tutorial in the fact that it uses 3 colors instead of the tutorials 2 colors.
  19. Nobody here knows how to do this? I've seen the work of some of you guys and it is really impressive. I thought this would be a pretty simple request with the talent level on this board. If I am asking for some trade secret that must never be shared then I apologize...
  20. Thanks for your post.. I originally thought Playbill as well but there are some notable differences... For the A N and V all have additional slab type serifs on them that Playbill does not. The K in my sample has the angular lines meeting in the middle of the vertical line whereas the Playbill K the lower angled line connects to the upper angled line. I can't imagine this being a custom font but for the life of me can't figure this one out.
  21. Can someone help me identify this font? Thanks!
  22. OK so I see this question was asked for Photoshop... http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=25581 But how do I create this shadow effect in Illustrator (I am using version 10)? My novice self has spent all day trying to recreate this but it was all for naught. Thanks.
  23. Check Check I think... I click new layer which puts the layer on top, I then move the layer underneath the layer with text. I am lost. After creating the new layer, the focus changes to that layer. I am holding down the control key and am I clicking the layer with text on it from the layer window (which then makes both layers in the layer window highlighted?) or am I clicking on the actual text which then puts the focus back on the text and the text layer. When I try to fill it changes the color of my text. Am I missing something? (beside graphic design ability? ) Thanks. LOL.. .That is because I am following Photoshop instructions in Illustrator! LOL. Boy I told you I am a big dummy. I will look this up in the Illustrator thread and if not.. post it there.