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  1. ah. didn't see it over all the pages i flipped through. my bad
  2. you mean no one wants to pay $30-$40 for a freakin hat they'll wear once every few weeks? well hot dog.
  3. i saw a change coming. wade was not at all in love with the ''wade 4'' sneakers last season, mainly for comfort reasons, and switched over to an older model. dont usually see that. also saw him wearing the jordan logo last weekend during a charity function.
  4. how long will it be before sheed picks up his 1st technical in that uni? i believe he's already been assessed one
  5. wow. these hats are flatout ugly...and lazy
  6. werent the panthers going to get a new logo/uni?
  7. shaq attempting to ride someone's coattails to title #5? doesnt surprise me
  8. wtf is this? the super bowl? off stern. its all about you and your cash cow league now. he doesnt give a damn about teams/cities other than the big market teams.
  9. i wish spike lee would vanish off the face of the earth